Food Glorious Food !!!!

  1. Over at PurseBlog, we started a new series called Closet Confessionals in which we examine how readers and TPFers afford their bag addictions. Read about it in this intro article and submit your own confessional here. We are looking forward to hearing from you!
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What hotel would you prefer to stay in?

  1. Wynn

  2. Planet Hollywood

  3. Palazzo

  4. Venetian

  5. Bellagio

  6. Luxor

  7. Excalibur

  8. MGM Grand

  9. Paris

  10. Mandalay Bay

  11. Caesars Palace

  12. Monte Carlo

  13. Mirage

  14. New York New York

  15. Treasure Island

  16. Harrahs

  17. Flamingo

  18. Ballys

  19. Stratosphere

  20. Circus Circus

  21. Does not matter to me, Im just happy to be going to Vegas!!!

  22. Wynn

  23. Planet Hollywood

  24. Palazzo

  25. Venetian

  26. Bellagio

  27. Luxor

  28. Excalibur

  29. MGM Grand

  30. Paris

  31. Mandalay Bay

  32. Caesars Palace

  33. Monte Carlo

  34. Mirage

  35. New York New York

  36. Treasure Island

  37. Harrahs

  38. Flamingo

  39. Ballys

  40. Stratosphere

  41. Circus Circus

  42. Does not matter to me, Im just happy to be going to Vegas!!!

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