food for kids birthday party

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  1. this is my menu for my kids co birthday party 2 boys ages 4 and 6 going to be 5 and 7 . i am also having the parents stay so i also want adult type finger food .tell what you think of my menu

    little ceasers pizza a few cheese a few pepperoni
    hot wings with ranch and blue cheese dressing
    veg tray with dip
    chips plain and other flavors plus deans onion dip
    bread bowl or bread pieces with spinach dip
    cake ice cream
    and drinks
  2. ?
  3. Sounds good and easy. Are you just buying everything or do you want to make stuff?

    I recently found a site with the cutest decorations for cupcakes.

    Are you looking for suggestions? Instead of just a veggie tray I have a super quick and easy recipe (and it is ALWAYS a hit with people) for a taco salad type thing. It has a mix of sour cream and cream cheese you spread on a big tray, you layer it with cut up iceberg lettuce, scallions, and fresh tomatos, then you add a layer of salsa and top with shredded cheese, and serve it with tortillas like Tostidos. Its easy and really good.
  4. wow thanks that sounds good .