Food cell phone charms!!

  1. these are sooo cute..thanks for posting!
  2. I love little Japanese items and gadgets!!
  3. Wow those are the cutest little things ever! Thanks for the link, they're so pretty.
  4. Cute!
  5. Those are adorable! Btw- JoeyJo21- I love your Betty Grable quote!
  6. I can't have one. It makes me hungry.:p
  7. Those are cute, but as an overweight person I have always felt weird carrying or wearing something that looks like food. I don't know. I guess I am weird that way.
    The Nintendo Wii remote one is cute, but I don't think it would buy it, because it's not even licensed by Nintendo. Nintendo is actually giving away a Wii remote keychain that has a light in it if you subscribe to Nintendo Power.
  8. i'm the same way. i already get enough looks, i don't need the food too...
  9. I found that site last month, and have ordered tons of those! :yes:
  10. Those are so cute! Thanks for sharing.
  11. I'm ordering some now lol!! They're SO adorable.
  12. Totally makes me hungry... that would not be good to have on my cell phone, which is with me at all times :shame:
  13. me too! i love these but my phone doenst have the thing for the strap or a charm :sad:
  14. They are so cute! I remember being in Hawaii and seeing those realistic looking food refrigerator magnets. Those remind me of them.

    I also remember seeing pictures of all the realistic looking plastic food on display in Japanese restaurants.