Fontanete or Very Noeud?

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  1. i got the very noeud in black but am thinking of switching it to the black suede fontanetes. What do you ladys think? Which one is more comfortable?
  2. I think you'll get more wear out of the Fontanete but somehow the Very Noeud makes my heart do more of a pitty-pat :shrugs:
  3. I like the very noeud
  4. The Very Noeuds are AMAZING!!! I say stick with those!
  5. I like the very noued if you need a fancier statement shoe. They are very pretty and I like them.
  6. I love the Fontanetes, but not in suede. I would get the Fontanete in a different color/material. If you're only choice is between the 2 that you've mentioned, then I pick the Very Noeud.
  7. I like the Fontanetes in the cream and purple suede, and in the fuschia leather. Other colors in that style just don't do anything for me. So I would say keep the Very Noeuds.
  8. I second that.
  9. I have not tried on the Fontanetes, so I cannot comment on them, but the Very Noeud is a dressy shoe and since it is a platform, peeptoe slingback style, I consider it comfortable.
  10. I don't own em but I love the very noeud
  11. I have a question:
    I am interested in the Fontanete. Does anyone have experience with the sizing on them? The 38.5 in the VP is snug, so I don't know if I should get the 39 or 39.5. TIA!!!!!
  12. thanks ladies for your opinion and i will stick with the Very Noeud slingbacks. I got them because i fell in love with the big bow:love:
  13. I have yet to try them on IRL, but I have a pair in python on their way to me. If the VP in a 38.5 is snug, then I would get a 39 in these. I took my VP size in these. What material are you wanting in them. Regardless, suede, leather, and python will stretch. There are also grease paint metallic patent versions.

    These are lovely. I know you said you got them in black, but have you seen all the other different colors available? There is red, champagne, royal blue, a salmon pink color, black, fuchsia, and purple. There may be a couple more colors, but they are escaping me right now.
  14. ashakes - did you get the pink/bronze python fontanete??? I am so close to buying that shoe. You will have to let me know how it fits. I am afraid the cutouts will pinch. It is soooooo GORGEOUS!!!

    evac - the bow on the Very Noeud is so sexy!!! I think that is a better choice than the suede Fontanete. :tup:
  15. I ordered the very noeud in black and am waiting for it to come. I think it is gorgeous.