Font on Saleya MM Leaf NOT Centered!!

  1. I just received my Damier Saleya MM from eLuxury and the font on the leaf is NOT centered!! I'm so annoyed right now because this bag looks fake even though I bought it from eLuxury! Has anyone ever had this happen to them? I'm going to have to send it back because it's $990 plus tax and shipping and I can't figure out why they can't center the font :cursing: !!
  2. Yea, i'll bet that's frustrating! I also had a problem with my speedy 25. The zipper, is not aligned properly. i'm not sure what to do with mine either...can't do anything right now cause i live 3 hrs away from an LV store :sad:
    lol i guess you can complain and send it back if it bothers you that much. I plan on bringing mine to the store in March when i go, and seeing what they say...
  3. What the heck?! That would bother me! :wtf: Send it back!
  4. Yeah that would bother me too!!! Sorry this happened to ya! :sad:
  5. ^I agree, send it back for an exchange.
  6. send it back i would for sure
  7. oh no, that has to be a defect. send it back!
  8. How come it passed quality's unacceptable!! Yes send it back..
  9. wow that's really obvious. after hearing all these stories about elux, i wonder how closely they scrutinize bags they get, or bags that are returned because of defects like this...only to send it out to someone else again?? that would be wrong.
  10. That would bother me, you should send it back for an exchange. I always examine my bags to make sure there are no imperfections. These items are way too expensive to not be picky!
  11. Now THAT would annoy me. Send it back. I bet elux will put it back in inventory to sell to someone else.
  12. that would bother me, in the fact that if down the road i wanted to sell it people might think its fake. i'd return it and get another.
  13. send it back, that would bother me too:confused1:
  14. That would KILL me. I could never carry that bag without thinking of it! Return it, you'll be happier in the long run. You deserve a prefect item!
  15. Send it back for sure. My tab was sewn crooked on my speedy 30 and the SA totally agreed and exchanged it immediately.