Font Color - What Happened to it?

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  1. What happened to the Option for changing the color of the font within your messages? It's completely gone!
  2. Looking back at older posts I created, they all have the coding for the font, but not the color - in other words, all of my msgs (prior to the one above) all contain [Font Color=DarkSlateBlue] at the beginning and [/Font Color] at the end! I'm sure hoping this is temporary!!
  3. Interesting. The "A" icon is replaced with a paperclip for Attachments management.

    Test in Navy color using BBCode tags

    Hmmm, tags seem to be disabled too.
  4. it's actually not replaced - the "A" icon is gone completely
    the paperclip was always right next to the Font Color option
    (I know, I used to accidentally click it by mistake all the time!)

    I knew the tags were disabled -- that's why all my old messages look like the one I posted above
  5. what's strange is that the color coding is still available within the signatures
    (see the diff colors in mine?)
  6. I disabled color BB code for the time being. We'll see how it goes in just noir. :idea:
  7. I hadn't give this any thought even though many of my posts are in color, so they too have the codes. I guess I don't mind kuz the codes are set off by the brackets, so the posts are still clearly understood. And people know it's a tech thing, not some crazy posting habit... :wacko: Your Q is an interesting one, iluv. I doubt it would be possible to apply it only to old posts, but we'll see what Vlad says.
  8. Too much code left on the pages, so we are bringing back font color (anyhow, I like the option of font color!)

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts/concerns!
  9. Thanks for the update, Megs!
  10. I don't mind color when used sparingly and when using darker colors that have enough contrast against the white pages. Navy, Maroon, Dark Green, Brown,even Dark Slate are fine. It's the lighter colors like pink and red that are hard to read. Teal is kind of borderline.

    Even red is OK is you're just highlighting a word or phrase.

    Maybe the palate could be edited to exclude some lighter colors?
  11. Agree, only the dark are working good
  12. thanks Megs for the update!!
    I see its back for new posts, but all my old ones still have the codes
    are you still working on this?
  13. ^^Yup, they are.
  14. glad I came across this thread.