Fondled the new Plum Ergo today

  1. I went to the boutique today & spotted one of the new buckled Ergos on the back shelf. I asked if she had the Plum one I could look at. She brought the smaller hobo out & said the new floor set would be out on 8/22! The plum is so rich looking!:tup:
  2. Tinks, thanks so much for sharing this information.
    I look forward to the new floorset.
  3. Oohh lucky you! Its always fun when you can feel up the bags before anyone else!:p
  4. It looks brownish in the new catalog. Does it go more toward purple IRL? Thanks for the info!
  5. Definately not brown. It's a deep deep purple color.

  6. :tup:
  7. it's a gorgeous color, and i love the dogleash on it...and as much as i wanted it, i've decided that i'm going to get the bleecker duffle in ink.
  8. "Smoke on the water . . . " :rolleyes:had a 70's flash back! I love purple, it's royal! I'm waiting for Leigh in Raisin. The color alone could purse-suade me! :yes:
  9. LOL!! I thought the exact same thing as I was typing it!
  10. I can't wait to see the plum...I'm so excited!
  11. This must mean a new catalog!
  12. Hooray, that means a new floor set is only days away! I can't wait, I am so ready for fall....thanks for posting this info Tinks! :tup:
  13. I need the plum leather ergo in the medium size....yeah, that is so my PCE bag!

  14. Oooo........ :nuts:
    Like I really need a purple bag. Who needs a purple bag!?!?

    I do.....
  15. I think it's the new trend color for fall. Three years ago I bought a Coach Ocelot top handle, lilac suede and chocolate leather, the combination is great. I had a choco/lilac scarf made, I have chocolate boots, sweaters, lilac t's, it's a refreshing combo for winter.

    We went shopping for school clothes last week, there is a lot of lavendar, lilac and chocolate brown! So yes I need purple too!