Followup: Orange County Meet Feb 11th Poll

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Are you able to come to OC meet on Feb 11th?

  1. Yes I can come!

  2. Sorry, but I can't make it no matter what

  3. Sorry, but I can't make it some other time (put a date)

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  1. The plan is to meet on Feb 11th (Sunday) at South Coast Plaza.
    We'll have brunch and do a little shopping afterwards.

    We'll meet around 11AM in front of Nordstroms downstairs entrance by Valentino.

    Please indicate whether you'll be able to attend or not.
  2. hmm. given that day is my store's inventory.. i can go. until 3pm. lol. so excuse me if i'm dressed sloppily, as our inventory is 3p-midnight.
  3. Aww... Can't make it this day, Feb. 11th --- have to take my daughter to her volleyball tournament. Would like to attend another one if you guys plan on doing it again! I hope all of you have loads of fun!!!!!
  4. Aww, can't make it either!! :crybaby: Are you ladies and gents going to have another one in March?
  5. Feb 11 is perfect for me! my schedule for march is uncertain so i hope the 2/11 date stays.
    it'd be awesome if this became a monthly thing in combination with the SoCal group in GD... just a thought. :graucho:
  6. since i can't make feb 11, i think i'll go for the 3/10 meet. hopefully i'll see some of you guys then!
  7. Anyone else coming along?
  8. it wrong of me to want to go shopping & spend a little PF time with you guys more than I want to spend a couple of hours with my inlaws on my anniversary??? I love my inlaws & all, but they are not purse people..hmmmmmmmmm what to do??????
  9. You should come for a little bit and then spend time with the inlaws!!! ;)