Following Liz's Thread: What would you do if....(!!)

  1. I've been wondering about this for a long time now::confused1:

    What would you do if one of your bbags was ruined/stained/damaged by a complete stranger? Like spilling coffe/wine/pizza grease(lol) over it by accident? What if it's a friend of yours?
  2. f r e a k O U T ! ! ! I would probably accept their apology (assuming they are curteous to do so), sh*t bricks for a few hours, then call LMB STAT to resolve the problem!!!
  3. I'd be upset, but I would not expect the person to pay for it. After all, accidents are just that . . . accidents.
  4. pardon my expression but...... I would beat a b*tch down if they hurt any one of my babies. friend or no friend :yes:
    WWKD? :roflmfao:
  5. haha jem--you're too funny! love the vert gazon...the bag, the pic, the art;)

    i think i would be in shock for days, break down and sob, and then come on here to the forum and scream my loss!
  6. meh. A bag is a bag, it's just a material item. I would never lose a friend / yell at a friend over a bag, I don't care that it was expensive. A friend cannot be replaced!

    A stranger on the other hand.... well what can you do other than lose your cool? You can't force them to pay for it. I'd be upset but I'd get over it :smile:
  7. I just got my first B-bag and can't imagine someone messing it up. People keep wanting to touch it and it kinda makes me nervous. I've always had nice bags, and after a while usually end up treating the bag like it is "just a bag". But with this, I keep it on top of my desk, refuse to keep pens in it, and get annoyed when I'm in a restroom that doesn't have hooks on the doors. I would probably yell a lot, go home and cry, and then go to NM. :p