Follow up to: "GST or Timeless Zippered Tote?" ***Comparison pics!

  1. For those of you who followed my previous thread about which one to pick:

    Finally, pics of both the GST & small Timeless Tote plus modeling pics for reference. (I'm 5'4 and 106 lbs). The first pic is of the 2 bags side by side, the next 2 are modeling pics of the GST and the last 2 pics are modeling pics of the Timeless Tote.

    After having the time to try them both out at home, I've already decided which one I'm gonna keep, but I still want to hear everyone's opinions. Which one do you guys prefer?
    IMG_5026.jpg IMG_5019.jpg IMG_5021.jpg IMG_5022.jpg IMG_5023.jpg
  2. I adore the Timeless Tote, but I think it looks too snug under the arm. I vote for GST.
    Is there a larger TT? I'd prefer it if it were a wee larger and the handle drop had an extra inch on it.
  3. i love the way the GST looks on you - looks like the perfect size for you.
  4. I like the size of the GST. I think the size of the TT is what kind of turns me off. However, the TT looks adorable on you.
  5. ^^ITA, the GST looks FABULOUS on you!
  6. Definitely GST! Right before I read your post I tried on my GST to wear tomorrow after a long hiatus of non-use and fell in love with it all over again!
  7. That's exactly what i thought too. Its almost like if the TT was just a couple of inches bigger, it would be a perfect in-between size!!
  8. LOVE the comparison pics, great idea. I am a timeless tote owner myself but I think the GST looks soooo good on you. I vote GST!
  9. Dragongirl, I have NOT forgotten about you and the pics! DH and I have tried to download them, but I'm doing something wrong.:confused1: Are there directions on TPF somewhere about how to do this? I do think that the larger TT (the one I have) may be what you're looking for- but until I get these pics, up, you'll not know. :sad: I do like the GST, of the two.
  10. cjj: I don't recall any directions on the site of how to upload pics but its pretty simple: First, you save the pics onto your desktop. Then, when you go to the "advanced reply post", there is a field to "manage extensions". From there, you select the pics from your desktop and then hit "upload". Good luck and look forward to your pics! Sounds like you're one of the only ones on the forum with the medium TT!!!
  11. The GST looks like it's a great size on you! So I pick the GST!
  12. Another vote for GST. And I love your closet!! So organized...wish I could manage to keep my closet looking that neat.
  13. I'm really small so i was choosing between the PST and TT, but I felt like the TT was too bulky for it's size. It seems like the GST and the TT are like the same width, but the TT is smaller.

    So I think I go with the GST also.

    AND MAJOR props for your closet. It's very very pretty!
  14. The GST looks really good on you!
  15. another vote for the GST! it looks better.