Follow up question for a color challenged Jedi: Best neutral with charcoal suit?


Which neutrals do you prefer with a charcoal suit? (pick as many as apply)

  1. Black

  2. Ebene

  3. Chocolate

  4. Gold

  5. Etoupe

  6. Other

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Your opinions helped me tremendously on my last color coordinating question. Last week I ordered a charcoal suit at the Barneys trunk show, and was mulling over ordering a second suit in dark navy/midnight blue. But of course, any suit has to go well with the bags that I have (gold, black) and the colors of bags that I would like to have (ebene, etoupe, maybe chocolate). So I asked which bag with navy suit. Gold came out the favored choice, with etoupe a close second, ebene running third, then black. Strangely, chocolate, which I thought would take the lead, ran dead last. (Maybe too common, too "schoolgirl" a combination, in this fashionable crowd?) Now I would like your views on the best charcoal choices too.
  2. jedimaster, I picked gold, etoupe, and other. The other being a stunning red. ;)
  3. I vote black. Second would be a color, a bright color.
  4. Jedi of the colors you have listed, with charcoal I like black and etoupe best. My 1st choice being Etoupe.

    With your navy (ref your other poll) Etoupe or gold.
  5. charcoal looks divine with navy....but with grays i try to wear a bright color as opposed to a neutral. I would say if you have a lot of black bags, use that but tie a twilly or scarf on there that is a bright color to liven things up!!!!!!
  6. rouge H for a neutral still stunning red.
  7. My sofa is kind of dark charcoal-y grey in color... I love how etoupe looks against that..something different/eye catching but yet sufficiently toned down. Black is of course nice (but a no brainer and IMO, doesn't really stand out.. i.e. another black bag).. Rose dragee looks good against the dark charcoal grey (but it's a high maintenance color)...Hope this helps

  8. archangel, thanks for this picture. Now I see why etoupe is running strong in this poll. It took me a while to warm up to this color (ok, its a cool color, so maybe you dont "warm up" to it - hence it took me a while to "find it cool"). I like the contrast with charcoal.

    This picture reminded me of something I have noted in observing the way women dress in New York (whether on the subway or Madison or wherever). When I worked in midtown, I rode the subway and walked down Fifth Avenue every day. I was constantly struck by how well women were put together, regardless of wealth. I observed these five "rules":

    1. There is always one element that subtly, but consciously, "fights" against the rest of the outfit. Usually, something small in scale and the color pops but in an slightly edgy way. A blue jean bag against a charcoal coat would be an example of this (as opposed to brighton blue with charcoal).
    2. There is a motif that is picked up twice in the outfit. Example: small gold braid in shoes, larger gold braid design in a scarf.
    3. There is one piece that is one level more dressy, or more casual, then the rest of the outfit. Eg rhinestones in a sweater worn with jeans; denim jacket with silk dress.
    4. There are four corners of a great outfit: shoes, bag, watch, fragrance. Always must have at least 3 of 4.
    5. Re: rule 4 above, at least one of the three has to be the shoes. The right shoes pick up any outfit.
  9. Miel croc or Rouge Vif for me, so I picked "other".
  10. Black for subtle...rouge for bling...

    Also like BJ w/ grey in Meg's pic...

    Not sure about ebene...will try to take pic of ebene next to charcoal tomorrow...
  11. Mmmmmm ETOUPE. YUMMMMY :love:
  12. Rouge H with grey (and blue)
  13. I picked 'other' first (rouge garance!!!) followed by black and etoupe. I love the way red looks with charcoal!

    Jedimaster - love your "rules" of dressing as you observed in NYC....good tips to remember when putting together a look.
  14. where is the option for "All of the Above"? :smile:
  15. I got etoupe for my first birkin. I thought about neutral colors a lot before my decision, knowing that I probably won't be able to "splurge" on an Hermes bag for quite some time.

    I own plenty of black Chanel bags, so I don't need more black handbags. Gold was a second choice, but I rejected it because of the warmth in the color. Gold provides the right amount of pop, but sometimes that pop is just wrong depending on the outfit.

    Hence leading to etoupe, which is a muted, cool-toned neutral color. It blends in with my existing wardrobe (lots of chances of carrying it), yet stands out as a beautiful accessory color. Etoupe's got flair to it, but it doesn't stand-in-your-face.