Follow up my PYTHON Silveradoish bag from Yoox! PIC ALERT!

  1. Hey pretty gals! I posted some time ago that I purchased a large Silverado shopperstyle bag from! (Chloe' - Handbags - Large leather bag Chloe' on YOOX) (Only 740 EURO! = approx$1000)
    Well, I LOVE HER!! :heart: :heart: She is the perfect color, and totally gets compliments all the time! :wlae:
    Sorry about the late pics though, I have recently moved and couldn't find the cord for the digital camera!
    Anyways, here she is!
    ps does anyone have any tips for python leather care?

    edit: the hardware look really silver-y and shiny in the pictures, I don't know why. IRL they are more matte and darker.




  2. OMG it's absolutely gorgeous...!!! :love: What a great deal you got, you're lucky gal!!!
    I'm really lovin python silverados, this one is nice style and it's not so common one :yes: And I love this colour, it's a great all year around shade. You look stunning with it, congrats..!! :flowers:
    ....I dont know either how to condition it so I'm just commenting how it looks (perfect!!!) :P
  3. BEAUTIFUL BAG agnes! Congratulations. You don't do anything to python - no cleaners, moisturizers. Nothing! It is actually much tougher than some people think. Enjoy it!
  4. Both you and the bag look super hot! Great buy.
  5. You and your lovely new bag look simply gorgeous!!! :tender: Congrats on such a great buy!! :flowers: I wish I could give you tips but I don't own any python bags (yet!!) :graucho:
  6. hmm, i got a python silverado too. yours is very lovely.

    here is my advice:

    1) don't get it wet
    2) don't treat it w/ anything.... cleaners and conditioners may dry up the scales and result in peeling.

    I love your new bag :flowers: Congrats.
  7. OMG! You and your bag are gorgeous!!! Congrats and welcome to The Addiction!
  8. Your bag is gorgeous and it looks fabulous on you! Seriously, you look like a model in that pic! Enjoy your new bag in the best of health!!!!
  9. so pretty! and where did you get your dress? so cute!
  10. Is that Jessica Simpson and your new bag??? J/K
  11. :love:
  12. That is hot! I love the color and size.
  13. *biggest smile ever*
    THANK YOU GIRLS! :smile: that makes me soo HAPPY!!! :yahoo:
  14. and oh..the knit wool dress is from H&M actually..have it in both green and gray. love it! :smile:
  15. Love the bag! You wear it so well. Congrats!