Follow-up: my day out minus my handbag

  1. Sooooo...last Friday I had to go a WHOLE DAY with no handbag...and I survived!! :sweatdrop: It was strange not having any of my babies with me, although I had an old rucksack with everything I needed thrown into it that I didn't mind leaving at the side of the rides, so I wasn't completely bagless. And I learned two important things about rucksacks:

    1. Because it was much bigger than my handbags I ended up carrying my brother's jumper, waterproof, drink etc around all day as well as my own :rolleyes:

    2. Every time I needed anything out of it I had to root around for five minutes before I could find it!

    Last week several tPFers suggested taking a small messenger style bag or wristlet...

    In case anyone is thinking of taking one to a theme park, at Alton Towers they wouldn't let you take ANYTHING on the rides with you. AT ALL! If you had slip-on shoes you even had to take those off on some rides!!! :wtf:
  2. Cargo pants, I tell, ya.................
  3. I simply love cargo pants. I mean, your stuff is right there that is IF you can recall exactly what pocket you put it inside.

    Let's see....lipgloss in the lower left teeny pocket, money in the full zipped pocket, comb in the long skinny pocket, change in the one by my knee, gum and tictacs in the square pocket.

    Ok, ready to go.

    Of course now I look 10lbs heavier and I clank when I walk. *s