Follow Up: LV vs. Diamonds

  1. Hi. I just wanted to give a follow up on my LV vs. Diamonds thread about what would you do with $3000. I chose the diamonds over LV, and ended up getting a 1 carat solitare necklace and a little diamond ring to match. Yay! I went over the $3000 budget by a lot :shame: but I'm glad that I did. Thanks everyone for your help!:flowers:
  2. Good for you, I :love: :love: :love: Diamonds! Do you have pictures?
  3. I'm going to post pictures up once my dh gets home with the diggy. And I'm going to try to watermark my pictures for the first time. Pearl gave me great directions, hopefully I can get it done.:shame:
  4. Congrats!! Enjoy your new diamonds.
  5. Wow! I :heart: diamonds. Congratulations!
  6. Good choice IMO! Can't wait to see your photos!
  7. Nothing like some ice on a hot summer day! Good choice Love Them All, can't wait for pics.
  8. Thanks everyone! I still remember when I couldn't decide between diamonds and LV, but I can seriously say that I have no regrets. :amuse: Stupid dh needs to get home sooner so that I can take pics. But does anyone know how I can take pictures of diamonds without it being blurry from the flash. Thanks.
  9. use the macro option, also taking it w/ lots of bright light but w/o the flash may work as well.
  10. Thanks Swanky! I'm going to try it once my stupid dh gets home.:mad:
  11. Congrats!!! I think that was the right choice, because diamonds go with everything :yes:.
  12. You made the right choice. I can't wait to see pics.
  13. Diamonds truly are forever... good choice! Pics, please?
  14. Congrats...Great choice :biggrin:
  15. Congrats! I would take Diamonds over LV too.