Follow-up. Found out what the "PRESSE" tag is inside my bag.

  1. Just thought some of you might be curious about the answer to the "PRESSE" tag I found on the inside of my Chanel Vintage Ligne Square handbag. Chanel Corporate contacted me and confirmed that my bag was in fact intended as a "sample" bag for the press/media to wear and review. It may or may not have ever been used for that and could have been sold accidentally in a Chanel Boutique. She said that the bag is not in any way different from the same bags in that line. I guess it's kind of cool to wonder where my bag has been? Maybe on the arm of some glamorous starlet? I seriously doubt it, but I guess I'll never know...
  2. that is interesting, maybe Karl even touched it, even though it is mor likely that it went to fashion editors
  3. Thanks for passing on the info. That's why TPF is so great. One learns so much here.
  4. Thanks for sharing...good piece of info.
  5. Cool a'shaker!! Now if only the bag could talk, you could find out where it's been and who it's seen along. (That said I'm glad mine can't talk!)
  6. That's interesting, Thanks for sharing!
  7. Well double congratulations on getting a bag with some history, then!
  8. During the last trunk show at NM, I saw the "presse" tag on all the pieces of RTW were used for the trunk show. They only worn by models for the show or buyers can try them on too. I asked the representatives & they also confirmed. I did not see them on the handbags yet.
  9. Interesting! Thanks for sharing this information.
  10. thanks for the interesting info !Enjoy your beautiful bag!:smile:
  11. Good to know. I wonder where it's been too.
  12. Wow, that's pretty cool. You got a bag with some history for sure... Thanks for sharing the info!
  13. That's good to know, thanks for sharing this information.
  14. ahhh that makes this bag super exciting imo.
  15. it's interesting...