Follow up: Fake denim Speedy highlighted in SF publication!

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  1. For those of you who missed it, here's the original post:

    I just got this month's issue of the same publication. Sure enough, they admitted that the bag was a fake. And ... they also used my quote about how the real ones "don't have metal feet or a leather strip at the bottom." All our efforts paid off -- thanks to all the PFers who contacted the magazine to bring to their attention that they were promoting a fake bag!

  2. Yes! It's amazing that they corrected that, usually they don't want to acknowledge things like that. :yahoo:
  3. ITA. Good for them. It shows integrity and that they really listen.
  4. yay!! Good job guys!!
  5. That's great that they acknowledged everyone's statements and did something about it. Congrats, to everyone who helped bring this situation to justice!
  6. Way to go!! WOohoo!!!
  7. cool!
  8. Great job! I'm glad they corrected and gave information about purchasing AUTHENTIC bags!

    I wonder how that woman in the original story feels:wtf:
  9. Uh-oh..."Louis is feet-free" and "look for the telltale feet" though??
    Does that mean this particular bag, or ALL LV?? My Trapeze happens to have feet and my future Aurelia MM has feet does that mean people will assume my bag is fake? :hrmm: Maybe the editors got the wrong message...
  10. Good job! This will teach people a lesson before they show off their fake LVs! Hopefully they will interview the woman inthe original story..hahhaa
  11. yeah - i wonder about the woman- or was she just a model----doing someone's story?
  12. I saw that, I think whoever wrote the article doesn't understand that the denim Speedy doesn't have feet but other LV bags do. Oh well, that's the way it goes ...
  13. Ooooh, they were really good with the followup!
  14. Well, I wrote them an email...

    Regarding the article in the June issue, "Biggest Faux Pas of the Year", there are a few quotes that I must disagree with.
    "Real Louis Vuittons don't have metal feet..."
    There are in fact real Vuitton bags with feet on the bottom. Take the Monogram Beverly MM for example, and here is a picture from and here is the webpage link:
    Another example? The all-time classic Monogram Petite Bucket:
    The other quote I disagree with is "Follow our readers' advice and look for the telltale feet", well, for the above reason. Real Louis Vuitton handbags CAN have protective feet. It was only this particular design, the Denim Neo Speedy, that does not have feet.
    I do own Louis Vuitton handbags, all authentic, and unfortunately I do not want the above two quotes to wrongly educate readers about authentic Louis Vuitton handbags.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this email.
    Karman XXXXXX


    LOL I'm sure they are tired of hearing about this article by now!!! But I can't let them do this to people not educated LV--educate them WRONG!

    Edit: shoot, just when I have sent the emails, the products are out of stock. Oh well, at least now they have the names and can do their research on it, if they like.
  15. That's so great- but in retrospect, how could they not know beforehand? Someone didn't go "My god that bag is HIDEOUS"?
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