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  1. #1 Feb 5, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2010
    so- im posting this for conversation and opinions.

    yesterday on cnn- the interview with mel gibson was on debate-

    basically- mel got upset (etc...) when they (the 2 interviewers- 2 different events- brought up the events of 4 yrs ago) mel got upset... etc...

    my thoughts:
    we all make mistakes, and i have figured out that if one is famous- these mistakes are supersized- (in terms of tv, radio, internet, etc...) i feel for these people. because no one is perfect and we all make mistakes.

    i imagine making an error in judgement/drinking too much/stressed/ tired/ weak.... and having it caught on tape for the ENTIRE world to see- and then brought up again - on national tv no doubt- 4 years later, again. that would hurt. i know in my own personal life that when i make a mistake- i dont really like the " i told you so"...... especially 4 yrs later. (can you imagine; "remember when you did this....")( also i dont always dress perfectly -not the right heels/ no make up/and look like i came back from forks.... ;))

    i have known a few strong people, who are stellar- but i also know we make mistakes. i do. im grateful that i am not that popular that someone would film and publish the error.

    basically- sometimes- i wish more people would give others a break....

    (im scared to post this- but i will- hoping to have some good conversation and enlightenment.)

    do you really think that we should rehash these weak moments on national tv?
    ? dont we have anything else to talk about?
    ? are we really so mean?...

  2. People are far too critical of each other...however, on here I think we can all give our opinions and still be empathetic. Interviewers don't often have the intelligence to think of new material, IMO. And yes, any one of us in a similar situation (w/out the fame) would get upset over it.
  3. ^^^ thank for this.

    its nice to be on the same "wave length" as others sometimes.

  4. No.
    You would think.
    Yes. People can be very mean.

    I think there are two dynamics that fuel this kind of media:

    1) the kind of people who can't look away for the same reason they can't look away from a car crash


    2) people who feel better about themselves if they can demonize another person and the more famous, the better.

    People can be very voyeuristic. Or just plain hateful.
  5. :goodpost: