Follies Spikes 100mm

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  1. Ladies, please help with the sizing for the Follies Spikes in 100mm. I tried sz 40 in boutique, they were a tad roomie in the heel. Then I tried 39.5 and 40 nude with crystal spikes in bergdorf, 40 felt too loose and 39.5 a little tight in toes. But! It was very very cold in Bergdorf's! Boutique has only 40 available and its final sale :sad: ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465494829.486124.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465494865.234037.jpg
  2. I tend to size down for shoes if the heel is loose because they can always be stretched on the toebox, and I have oddly narrow heels that slip out of everything. My pigalle follies are all tight in the toe area to start and after about five wears, generally feel comfortable. I've never found a great solution on the heel slip issue, even if I use the sticky heel grips (they tend to fall off over time and leave sticky marks on the inside of the shoe)

    If you can walk without pain in the toebox (your toes shouldnt be curling up against the shoe, should just feel like a tight squeeze) say get the smaller pair.