Foley & Corinna

  1. I was in a local department store yesterday, and I saw the City Sacs under the name of Foley and Corinna rather than Anna Corinna. I realize that this is the same company, but the bags looked a little different than the original ones. The small seemed smaller ($348.00) and the leather didn't seems as supple or as nice. Is this how they're being sold now, or is this just for department stores? They also had a couple of her other styles. Anyway, wondering if anyone had seen this also.
  2. they changed the name to foley & corinna for the bags and clothing so ppl wouldn't get confused and think anna corinna was a different designer. As for quality i have noticed if you look at 2 bags same style color the texture/ suppleness will vary from bag to bag it has always been like that. As for size i haven't noticed a change
  3. I, too, have noticed that leather quality varies widely from bag to bag. I was lusting after a lady duffle but am waiting for a coupon to roll by since they seem to pricey to by at full price.
  4. Just wondering where you saw them?
  5. It's the same brand as before but since the actual brand that makes them is Foley & Corinna they decided to name the bags the same name to cut down on confusion. The leathers differ b/c they use different leathers for each season. Some of them will be more supple, some are treated to be more shiny. It really depends as to what color and when you are looking at the bags.
  6. I have both an Anna Corinna mini city from last year and a Foley + Corinna mini city from this year. There is no difference in the size, but the hardware has improved. My old plum AC one has shinier more distressed leather, and the new F+C olive one has buttery pebbled leather (shown below).

    Leather comparison.


    Hardware comparison. The AC hardware on the left is plastic (I think) whereas the F+C is sturdier and metal.

  7. Interesting. the store was Von Maur. It's a Midwest, Nordstrom-type store. Very nice, and wonderful service.
  8. What Von Maur were you in misslola? I live in Ohio and was in the Von Maur in Columbus a few weeks back. I was looking at the Foley + Corinna Bender bag and the SA ran over excitedly to tell me how they'd just gotten them in. Then I lifted up my mini city and showed her and said it was nice to see a bag before I purchased. She seemed suprised I had one...I told her I do most of my shopping online. I think Foley + Corinna is new for least here in Ohio.

    Oh yeah, it's a really nice store. I love it too!
  9. knasarae - it was in the suburbs of Chicago. They have a few stores around, and I do like them, but I find the women's clothes a bit conservative??
  10. I've heard mixed things about Anna Corinna/Foley+Corinna's leather quality, but I decided to give them a whirl, b.c I really love the shape of the Lady Duffle. I visited the store and I confirmed that I REALLY love the shape, but it's definitely true that the leather quality varies widely w. different styles/years, etc.

    This is the one I ordered from revolve (w. the 30% off from "bigfallsale" :thup:smile:

    Fingers crossed!

  11. I like it Style_Baby! Be sure to post some modeling pics once you get it!

    misslola, I find the clothes to be on the conservative side as well, but I like their selection of handbags and jewelry.
  12. knasarae~ Thanks! It arrived on Monday. (shout out to revolve's superior shipping/cs) Will try to take pics ASAP.