Foley+Corinna Sparkle Lady Duffle

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  1. My birthday bag!
    Ordered this on a Friday from Revolve (w. a 30% code) and it arrived on Monday (without expedited shipping!)

    I'm still debating about keeping it, though. I reeeally love the style (different from the traditional Lady Duffle, as it has no flap over the top or pocket at the front). The leather is plush and hardware (solid) but I'm torn about the zippers. They're sticky, but I'm wondering if some candlewax would clear that up...
    My mom actually influnced me on this one. I was looking at potential bags online and would ask her advice. Her comments included, "it looks like a rectangle" or "that looks like a pile of garbage". About this one she said "Well, at least it has some class to it." :rolleyes:




  2. Gorgeous! Def. a keeper!
  3. It is a great memorable bag! Def worthy of a birthday girl. :jammin:
    And someone else mentioned plain chapstick for sticky zippers too.
  4. I think it's a total keeper! And your mom sounds great! Your description had me laughing :smile:
  5. I think it looks really cute on you! It looks good hand-carried, on shoulder or cross-body. Definitely a keeper....with some class, lol. Your mom is hilarious. Congrats on the bag!
  6. It's very cute on you. I like it!!
  7. Oh, you should keep it! I'll bet the zippers will smooth out and it's my experience that AC bags are solid and hold up beautifully...actually get better as they age! Congrats!!!
  8. That bag looks so much cuter on you than on the website :drool:. I never looked twice at it but wow, it's cute and it's adorable on you! Your mom is great lol!
  9. I love it!! Definitely a keeper. Happy Bday!!
  10. Thank you, everyone!

    I think the mom and the bag are both keepers. :biggrin:
  11. That is gorgeous and you wear it well! I thought I was done with Anna Corinna products, but your photos are making me reconsider. Happy birthday and enjoy your new bag. :smile:
  12. wow that's really nice! love it!
  13. It definitely looks better on you than on the's a bold attention-getter but it's not in your face. I think it's really fun and a keeper!