Foley+ Corinna Jet Setter JR: advice?

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  1. If you're wondering about size, here's a photo to give you an idea of how it looks on someone who isn't an amazonian model. I'm 5'5" (but I think the shoes in that pic have a 2" heel). Personally, I prefer the pebbled leathers over glazed, but it's a nice-looking and versatile bag overall.

  2. thank halocom
    it's still pretty big then? I'm 5'1 ( in the good days, says my HB...)
  3. a precision, Halo, is it the regular or the JR?
  4. Hi champagne clara - it's the Jr. The regular size is *enormous*!

    I sold it recently, but it was the biggest bag I ever owned. It fit everything - lunch, all my work files, extra pair of shoes - but I decided it was too heavy for me when loaded up and went back to carrying a smaller bag plus lunch box. I think it could still work for you if you like big bags though...

    Hope this helps!

    Edited to add a couple more pics:
    JSJ_closeup.JPG JSJ_full_flats.JPG
  5. Yes, I love big bags. I travel a lot and hate to have two bags to go through all the customs hoopla. I want to be able to fit a small laptop in it.
  6. I think you'd like this then - it's big, but never looks sloppy no matter how full/empty it is. My laptop is thin, but the screen is 17" and it fit just fine with it's sleeve. And it was easy for me to pull stuff in and out of it, so that would be a plus for travel. The outside pocket pocket is good for things you need quick access to and you can carry that side facing your body for security. :smile: