foley & corinna help me decide ....


foley & corinna dress??

  1. Tank dress

  2. OFF the shoulder dress

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  1. i don't know which one i should get:confused1:

    1- the tank dress
    2- the off the shoulder dress

    i also want to mention that i have the off the shoulder in white already

    is the off the shoulder version nice enough to have it in both colors or should i get a different style and get the tank:confused1:

    your thoughts would be great:smile:
    AED19773.jpg AED19773b.jpg foley blk1.jpg yhst-93438350510424_1956_147749799.jpg
  2. I love Foley and Corinna! I love both dresses. But If i had to choose I would choose the off the shoulder one. It has that cool roll and roll vibe with the colored zipper.

    But then you already have an off the shoulder so maybe go for the tank. I'm not helping am I! lol. You really can't go wrong with either.
  3. Yea I say you go with the off the shoulder, gives it a little more of an edge.
  4. Love the off the shoulder dress. Definitely get it. The tank looks really dressy and heavy with sequins.
  5. Thanks guys :yes:
    the bottom looks like it's a zipper but it's a slit maybe 3-4 inches
    the poll is kind of tied and im still
  6. I actually prefer the tank versus the off the shoulder, cos I prefer cleaner lines, and the zipper is sort of a distraction for me.

    G'luck with the poll! :smile:
  7. dos it really look like a zipper? hum maybe for me it doesn't because i have seen it in person
  8. i really like the tank also!
  9. tank from me