Foley + Corinna Half Savvy Tourista in Maple - reviews?

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  1. Does anyone have this bag? It looks really versatile, and could turn into a clutch, so great for day to evening...

    Would be interested in reviews...

    Hopefully the photo attachment works...

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  2. Cute and functional! Don't have it, but I like the brand.
  3. i've seen the maple in person, and the color is a lot richer than in the picture. it's more of a gorgeous warm caramel. so pretty. don't own the bag, but it looks like a lovely shape.
  4. Well I bought it in the end - here are some IRL pix

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  5. Very pretty!
  6. How do you like the bag so far? I like the color you picked.

    I bought the Savvy Tourista and found it to be too big for me.
  7. Hi Toomz - to be honest I haven't worn her yet...

    I think because she is a little small for me - so the contrary to your experience with the full size.

    I did buy her for evenings out, and I just have been using other clutches - the problem is too many bags!

    I do love the style and colour still and I will wear her out soon - must make a mental note to myself!
  8. Haha! I haven't carried my large one either! It's a shame because I love how it looks but my stuff gets lost in it.