Foley+Corinna Glazed City Clutch: Badly-crinkled leather; advice/help needed, please!

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  1. I recently bought the Foley + Corinna Glazed City Clutch in Glossy Cranberry from ShopBop, but after receiving it, I found that the glazed leather on part of the front of the bag is very badly crinkled/cracked.

    I've been trying to find information in the older threads here on TPF, but haven't found any specifics. Is it possible to condition the badly-crinkled part of the leather to restore it to a better condition, or even to the point where it looks more like the uncrinkled leather in the second image below?

    I've also already ordered the Apple Leather Care Kit from, and am still waiting for it to arrive. Would Apple Leather Care be able to help with the condition of the crinkled leather?

    I was so disappointed to see the badly-crinkled leather when I took the bag right out of the shipping box. :crybaby: I would have sent it straight back to ShopBop to exchange it in a heartbeat too, except that I'm an international buyer, and shipping it back to the US would be pretty expensive and a waste unless I knew for sure that I could get a satisfactory exchange. I've already emailed ShopBop to ask if they have stock of the same bag to make a direct exchange, but I don't have high hopes, since the bag is already out of stock on their site.

    If ShopBop doesn't have stock for a direct exchange, should I just return it and get the refund? I knew the leather would likely get crinkled/cracked with wear, but I certainly didn't expect it to already be so badly crinkled when I received it. :sad: Alternatively, if ShopBop is able to offer me a partial refund instead (maybe bringing down the price to Final Sale price levels), should I keep the bag and just try to condition the badly-crinkled part of the leather? Or should I just keep the bag regardless of the possibility of any partial refund?

    Please give your advice or opinions on what you would do in my situation! I'm a newbie to designer handbags, so I'm really in a dilemma as to what I should do about the bag... I really like it a lot and would love to be able to start using it, but I can't until I figure out what to do (exchange/return/attempt to condition it)!! Its current state also just doesn't seem satisfactory given the cost, even if the bag was already on sale when I bought it... Thanks in advance for any help or opinions that you can give!

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  2. Wait and see what others have to say before you condition it. I'm not sure if you should apply anything to that kind of treated leather...

    Sorry you're not really pleased with your bag and I think it just reiterates what I read on here some time ago that you really need to look at F&C bags irl before purchasing. That being said, I recently bought a City Tote from Revolve for a decent price and both sides of the bag are different. One side is really nice and the other is kinda messy looking. I kept it and I carry it but that's one of the reasons why I think F&C is waaaay overpriced, I do love the City Tote style though.

    If this color is sold out, I would keep it if you think you got it for a steal, if not, I would probably return it.
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    Yup, I definitely have no intention to start conditioning it with anything until I get more advice from the experts here! I did see a post by ame where she talked a bit about conditioning her F+C bag that has glazed leather, over here. I only just joined the forum, though, so I haven't had the chance to PM her yet to ask for some details.

    Unfortunately, it seems that no store in my country carries F+C bags at all, despite a department store being listed on F+C's website as carrying their bags, so I didn't get the chance to see their bags IRL. Things like the semi-unfinished edges of the leather, I can deal with, but the crinkled leather that makes it look like this bag was used then returned, then sold to me? :sad: The sale price was still US$222 as well, which I don't think really qualifies as a steal, especially given the condition of the bag and the leather...

    Thanks for your advice! If ShopBop doesn't get back to me soon, I may just have to return it, as it's causing me more heartache to think of having to keep it in its current condition with the amount I paid. If anyone else has any advice or opinions, though, please do chime in! :smile:
  4. Just to give an update: ShopBop did end up giving me a further discount on the price I paid, though it wasn't quite to final sale prices yet. I wound up keeping the bag because I would have made quite a significant loss on the international shipping costs alone if I had returned the bag for a refund. I can't quite qualify it as a steal, but so far, I'm liking the bag when I use it!
  5. And this is what's most important, congrats!