Foley + Corinna City Tote is Haunting Me

  1. I happen to see a woman at the Woodbury Outlet last weekend, carrying this very unique looking bag. It was a cream colored bag, and the handle doubled as a shoulder strap. I couldn't help staring at it...and today, as I'm checking out Shopbop's email promoting blue, the new Spring hue, I saw it again.

    Does anyone else have this color? I may have to order it, since it's haunting me...but am worried that it's too small. The cream one I saw was definitely bigger than this. Here's a pic, courtesy of Shopbop.
  2. It's a really cool bag. carries it also. I would say it's medium size, roomy, won't hold a ton, but could hold quite a bit. Happy shopping!
  3. This bag comes in several sizes, from really small to really big. Check out the collections available not only a Shopbop but at,,,, among others.
  4. I just bought the gunmetal color from Kate Boutique for $272. A STEAL!
    I am very happy with the bag and the color.
    Kate had the lowest price anywhere, but only two styles/colors.
  5. Funny, that's also how my appetite for the Foley & Corinna City Tote began! I thought it was a strange bag until I actually saw someone carrying it and I just couldn't get it off of my aesthetic palette because it was so unique and beautiful. I am betting that she either had the midi tote or the regular sized city.

    I'm also lusting after this color! I think I may just bite the bullet and get it. I have heard the glazed leather is a bit thinner than the non-glazed variety.
  6. randr21, I realize that you are in NY. If you are anywhere near NYC, you can try making a trip to Calypso's outlet on Broome St. I saw a few of the city totes in bronze metalic and creamish white (metallic?). If anything, you can at least have a feel of it and try it on.

    Edit: I believe they are in the 200 range, but not positive on it.
  7. It is such a cool bag! I love it and must get another color or two bt they must be on sale, wouldn't pay approx $400 for one.
  8. There are actually 4 sizes: mini, mid, city (regular) and XL. The size pictured is mini. Mid came out last year because mini was too small and regular was too big. The XL is the biggest and has a zipper across the top, as well as a wider bottom.
  9. I've owned the mini and regular city totes in the past. I actually got rid of them because I felt that the mini was too small and the city was too large. When the mid city came out, I totally pounced and LOVE it. In fact, I am carrying my mid city today.

  10. Can you get your arm in the handle to put it over your shoulder with the mid? I want one, but I don't want to have to use the long strap, I prefer the small hand part but don't know if it will fit over my shoulder.
  11. Ah, randr21, you got me. I don't much like the city totes from the pictures, but think they're really cute in person. I was holding onto the last vestiges of my self control when I saw your e-mail, and gave in and ordered one from Luna Boston. This is all your fault!:girlsigh:
  12. I can get it over my shoulders....without a winter coat on. I'm a petite person, and I know that the handles stretch a bit over time. I actually prefer to hand carry/arm sling it versus using the strap.
  13. I hated mine and sent it back. There seems to be talk in the quality of the leathers on this bag. Some bags are perfect while others look cheap and feel tacky. I think one needs to see this bag in person to make sure they are getting good leather.
    The color of that bag is very pretty and it sure would be great for spring/summer. Actually it is perfect as a year round bag.