1. aaghh i just received my blueberry today... it is GORGEOUS and the leather is perfect... BUT!
    there's a huge FOLD/CREASE in the back of it... which i'm assuming is just the way its been shipped and stored. does this smooth out over time?! or should i try to exchange it? i'd appreciate any suggestions! thanks :heart::crybaby:

  2. pinkpirate - Can you post a pic? Is it a wrinkle or white line?
  3. Yes please post a picture. You may need to let it lie flat and rub some lubriderm in it.
  4. my camera's dead right now. it's definitely not a white line but imagine your balenciaga folded for a long period of time. it's that crease you'd see from leather being folded or creased. like a big long wrinkle along the back of the bag
  5. its times like these when i really really appreciate my mac... courtesy of photobooth
    Photo 13.jpg
  6. put some stuff in it (moderately heavy and with a flat bottom so you dont stretch out the bottom yet) and just let it hang overnight, or for a day or two even if you can wait that long... that should work, I've had to do that with several vintage bags with soft leather, it works without having to use any conditioner. you just got it- dont condition it yet, last resort try that. instead just let gravity do its job ;)
  7. Agreed :yes: But if it doesn't smooth out in a couple of days, I would exchange it, because the fold will probably bother you.

    By the way, congratulations!!
  8. you guys are wonderful... thank you so much! i'm going to look for things to stuff it with, but will give my salesperson a call to give her a headsup. i'm going to nyc in two weeks so maybe she'd be willing to make an exception and let me do an exchange then.
    have any of you ever encountered this? when i was in paris, i recall seeing quite a few bags that came out like this, but it seemed to be just the way they're stored since they're flat... kind of like when you get those paper shopping bags.
  9. :wtf:
  10. hmmmmmmmmm, as much as i don't think these b-bags are supposed to be perfect, i think that would bother me too girl :sad:...i'd call your SA @ the nyc store & hopefully they can bend the rules a little for you :shrugs:...but don't be surprised if they can't, 'cause when i bought my s/s '06 black work, it had some nicks in the leather on the bottom...since it was the last one, i asked if i could get a little discount & my SA said no...i'm a really good customer over there & they couldn't even bend the rules for me :crybaby:
  11. oh no i'm so sorry... i'd think a work should be easy to get though since it's a permanent colour! i'm always seeing them at Barney's and there were always plenty when i was in paris. i'd assume it wouldn't have been long until another came in for you. if it doesn't improve all i'd want is an exchange for the same thing or in a different style.
  12. welp, the problem with me, is i only wanted one from s/s '06 (because the leather's much lighter than the new fall leather) :yes:...and from what i understood, the s/s black works were already sold out everywhere :hysteric:
  13. what kind of nicks are they? i've put my black city though hell and even all the nicks and crap i've spilt on it has eventually kind of blended/worn away with the bag.
    ugh the stress of phone orders!
  14. That is a pretty big fold. Is the leather on your Blueberry kinda stiff? Since the bags are stored/shipped folded and the bag is super new and stiff, that maybe why it creased. I'm thinking that once you use it and put stuff in it, it will soften. Just in case, I would call and speak to the SA. Ask if all they have any Blueberry Cities without the fold in case you need to exchange it.
  15. Aw, I agree that you are a good customer there:heart: (you've made quite a few purchases there, haven't you?). It would have been really nice if they could have given you a discount.:yes: I know a lot of other stores do that. I just think the store policy is pretty strict there.