folded speedies?

  1. I went in LV today and told them about my damier lining staining my cell phone. So they said they are going to send it out to CA and either send me a new one or the same one back depending of whether they think it's a defect or not. So, I forgot to ask them, do they send it folded because I've heard that once it's folded it's hard to get the crease out. I bought mine not folded and am worried I'll end up with a folded one. What do you think?
  2. I think they will fold it..
    It doesn't take long for the crease to go away...

    But it's good idea to give them a call before returning the bag to you to not fold the bag.
  3. a little blow drying on a low setting helps to get rid of the creases
  4. They arrive already folded at the store. The multicolore speedies are never folded.
  5. I store mine folded all the time. Creases come out as soon as you start using the bag!:yes:
  6. That panda seems so happy hanging like that..
  7. ok, that makes me feel better. Thanks. I wonder if they'll exchange it. The repair specialist there told me that you should never put light colored things in a red bag, that is just common sense. But that is BS, my cell phone should not turn pink, this is common sense!
  8. I was alittle worried about folding when I got my speedy but the creases are pretty much non existant now. :smile: You should be fine!
  9. I was actually glad to see mine delivered folded when I got it from eluxury...(meaning it's a real brand new!!!). It went away right away as other said. :smile: No worries~~~
  10. I brought my speedy in today for the same reason. The SA told me I was the first person to complain about the red lining making my stuff pink. My silver dior sunglass case is PINK,my ipod is pink,and the magazine that I use to hold the speedys shape is pink!. Im pretty upset!. The SA told me that It will take up to four weeks!. This is ridiculous!
  11. BTW, does this happen to Multimonogram bags too? I just bought my mom Priscilla and its lining was that red. Hope this is just limited incidents.. Is it???
  12. I've talked to a few SA's including 866 vuitton and everybody's thinking I'm nuts and keep saying this is the first time anybody has complained about this. :wtf: There's quite a few people here on this board alone with this problem so how come we keep hearing "this is the first time" bs! You know, it's not just my speedy either, it's my Illovo mm which is even worse, so this can't be the first time! I have to wait 4 weeks for mine too, it makes me so mad.:hysteric:
  13. I think you guys should all get together and place a complaint or something, there are many of you on this forum that have had this problem so far and it's BS that LV is just saying they haven't heard of this yet as if they don't believe it could be a problem, hey these bags haven't been out that long, maybe it's just taken until now for everyone to realize! now THAT would be common sense..... AND BTW, who the F do they think they are saying it's common sense to not place light colored items in a red lined bag??? WTF, so I can't put most of my things in my $600 purse because it could ruin my stuff??? that's just WRONG! Things like this just make me VERY angry if you could tell, I've been thinking for the past couple years LV customer service has been going down (as the prices go UP) and when I hear things like this it just starts to confirm it for me.....You spend a lot on these bags to not have to worry about crap like this!

  14. This is going to be a long 4 weeks for me now !, the lady at the repair desk told me that she is going to try to speed it up for me. I understand that there is always a chance to purchase a defective product expensive or cheap but I expect more from Louis Vuitton!.
  15. Yea, I totally agree with you! How can they possibly expect people to only use the damier speedy for dark colored items? Then are we supposed to change all our things to dark colors, just to suit the defective bag?! :Push: Geez..! Is it too much to expect, for a $600+ bag to NOT stain out stuff inside? The way they are putting it, as if we are asking to much! :hysteric: