Foldable Kelly... Who has it and whatcha think of it?

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  1. I have to ask this question. I've seen two ladies toting a foldable kelly in Bangkok and I just hafta ask here who has it, and what does everyone think of it?
  2. I don't think I'd buy one. It's nice to be able to fold it up when you travel I guess but I like bags that hold their shape more and I think the JPG Kelly would be by design not meant to do this as well.
  3. I tried one on in the Palm Beach store tho it was on hold for another. Turquoise and it was lovely. Great if you travel a lot otherwise I would probably go for a structured kelly.
  4. I would pass on it-- it seems unuseable folded and not as attractive as aregular Kelly when unfolded. Nice on the runway, though.
  5. Looks Very Cool ~ But, I Like A More Structured Look With The Kelly.
  6. I have been enjoying mine lately done in gold swift with contrast white top stitch. I like it because of the sellier structure coupled with the softness of the veau swift. It looks great with jeans or with dressier trousers. It is very roomy being a 35cm and allows for expansion since the leather is flexible. I think it has the essence of the Kelly in a contemporary and minimalist design. I also enjoy the extra metal guides for the strap which is similar to the ones used in the Travel Kelly. This Kelly is filled with beautiful topstitch all over and is lined in swift as well. It also has the old metal hardware design on the leather handle.
  7. It's eye catching and I think beautiful, but it isn't for me - great design thought.
  8. Don't have one, but I quite like the design and in light colors.

    It's a cross between the femininity of a Kelly with the toteability of a Birkin (when the cinching belt isn't used).
  9. it seems "thinner" than a regular 35cm kelly eh?
  10. If I could afford every other H bag I desire, then yes, I would probably spring for a foldable kelly! But to me, its not very functional. It is most attractive when virtually empty. I carry far to much in my bags!
  11. Love the idea and love the size (35).

    I tried it on though, and it confirmed my problem.

    Which is that while I love the 35, there's something in me that's still very corporate, and whenever I carry a 35 Kelly, instead of looking like Grace Kelly, I look like I'm carrying a briefcase. Sigh.
  12. I know its an old thread but the pictures are great!:smile: Looking at it open and closed is helpful. Can travel with it as an extra bag so easily. Love it. Would get it in Orange or Turquoise or Vert Olive ( if they come in those colors...)
  13. Jaegerhomme-I love your pictures, thank you for sharing, I forgot that I´d seen those in another thread and enjoyed them. Such a beautiful bag.
  14. A modern take on a classic...but at that price point, a Birkin is more useful to me.
  15. I saw a lady carrying this the other day, and I think it looks fabulous! Classic, but modern. A very good mix, in my opinion.