Fold over wallet convert

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  1. I can't imagine using any other style wallet and I've only moved my stuff into it! I outgrew the French flap style and looked for a larger wallet design. I didn't like the continental or the zip around for a number of reasons so I thought the fold over would be the answer and it is...for me. The outside snap pocket is perfect for receipts. The two zippered compartments allow me to separate my cash. The ten card slots accommodate cc's and all those other rewards cards you need to carry. The two sections snap shut and it's not bulky at all. I got it in truffle which I can best describe as ebano mixed with a dollop of heavy cream. Pictures don't do the rich medium brown justice. :yahoo:

  2. I love that wallet, LLANeedle! Wish it came in a metallic for me :biggrin:
  3. Wish I had a pic so knew what you're talking about. :P
  4. ^ Hehe, me too
  5. Now you making me hungry!:biggrin:
    The way you describe how functional that wallet is, tempts me to give it a try... I got tired of the tab wallet and moved back to the zip around. The foldover came out in such lovely colors and skins that I was looking in that direction kwim? Now I'll have to really try one out. :graucho:
    Enjoy! & thank you for the detailed review!
  6. LT, I gave it a work out this morning and functional it is. It's much easier to handle then my overstuffed french flap. And having a spot for receipts just makes my day. I used to put them inside my check book cover but they usually ended up all over my bag. I had only seen the truffle and opera on line. What other colors does it come in? Sorry about no pic BL and jburgh but you can see it on the saks website.
  7. I just looked at this on Sak's website and NM has it too. It looks very nice. I was always a continental wallet girl and then just recently moved onto the zip around which I like. But, I will have to look into this style for my next one. I love the 10 CC slots! That is a big plus for me with all those extra reward cards.

    Thanks for sharing!!
  8. Is that the one LaLafashionista posted here?

    LLANeedle, are the two sides put together nicely with just one snap? and can you keep a passport in it?

    Pics from the saks site.:smile:

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  9. I have this wallet, too (in lilac), and I like it as well. I like that it's roomy but doesn't feel as rigid/bulky in the hand as the more structured long wallets. It might be slightly lighter weight, too. I also prefer straight zips and parallel layouts over zip-arounds and angled layouts, so this wallet works well for me when I need a larger wallet (my everyday wallet is a smaller BV tab style).

    ^^Mid-, I bought it specifically to use as a travel wallet. Yes, a passport fits inside the zip compartment. I think the snap works just fine, but I've not had occasion to carry it very full of notes and receipts, etc. It's pretty roomy, so I don't think it would be a problem if receipts and notes are kept flattish. I imagine it might be difficult to keep it flatly closed if one is in the habit of keeping folds of currency instead of laying them out singly, but otherwise I think it would be fine.
  10. I tend to carry cash and it lays very nicely in the zippered need to fold it up. Every cc slot is filled plus I have additional items behind the cc slots in the slip pockets and the snap closes easily. Overall, the wallet still feels flat. I can't say enough how much I love the outer pocket for too snaps shut. I honestly have never owned a wallet as functional and easy to use as this one. I keep my coins in my froggie coin purse though they could easily fit in one of the zippers compartments.
  11. LLANeedle-can you give me the measurements when you have time? Thanks..
  12. It's indeed a very smart wallet! IPhone would fit in one of the zipped pocket. :tup:
  13. I love this wallet, I actually bought it in lilac, but then realized the lilac color is not for me. I already have a black bottega wallet in the suede/patent combo like the ruggiada handbag, so I am waiting on this wallet to come out in a gray color and it will be mine again.
  14. I'm in love. Thanks for sharing, LLANeedle. I've been searching everywhere for something to replace my current one...but still serve the same function (LV Insolite) because the monograms are just too...errr...distracting. :smile:

    Specs from the Saks website that OP provided:

    Top zipper pockets
    Ten credit card slots
    Two open pockets
    Leather lining
    7½"W X 4½"H X 1"D
    Made in Italy

    I've been thinking of getting this one too, but alas...low IQ (and EQ lol) has gotten me confused once again. :smile: I know it says there's two open slots, but I was hoping it had another compartment inside the flap (where the cc slots are) for laying cash notes as well. :sad:

    Anybody has a photo of the wallet open inside? :sad: TIA
  15. Ooo that's an interesting wallet