Fold on reissue ripping through leather?

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  1. Hi ladies!

    I've been looking at reissues and understand the fold is perfectly normal. However, my question is will the sharp points of the fold (near the corners) rip through the leather? I don't really know much about the construction of the reissue, so forgive my somewhat paranoid question!
  2. No. I have several reissues and several years old - no problems with any of them.
  3. oh OP, this thought scares me!!!! please hope no one say yes...
  4. Once you stuff the inside, the fold will disappear. I have 6 reissues and never had problems with leather ripping or cracking through the leather.
  5. darkchoc -- I know right? I was inspecting a reissue and noticed that the two ends of the folds have very sharp corners. I'm slightly paranoid that it might rip through the leather.

    But thank you Clandy and burberryprncess for replying!
  6. hey shadowyi - I just got a reissue and posed this same question! one of the ladies here told me that reissues were constructed intentionally with the fold.....
  7. Hi mojo! Congrats on your reissue!

    I'm not asking about whether the fold is normal, I've read enough old threads to have it hammered into my head that yes, that's right. :biggrin: I'm just worried that the two ends of the fold might eventually poke through the leather, is there cardboard in the bottom or something like that? Or is it just all leather?
  8. will need the help of more seasoned reissue owners then! But I sure hope the answer is a "good" one!!
  9. Does anyone have any examples? Not quite sure what you mean shadowyi?
  10. OP, don't sweat it too much. There is a cardboard at the bottom and as I stated earlier, if you stuff the bag with tissue when storing it or stuff with things while carrying it, the fold will disappear. Here is a picture of my reissue 227:


    When I first bought it, the fold was very visible and bottom corners were pointy. Some people love it that way.

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  11. Ah! That's precisely it! The very sharp points at the two ends of the cardboard. Thank you so much for reassuring me -- how long have you had your reissue?
  12. Since March or April of 2008 and I've used it more than 400x.
  13. Ahhhh I see! I'm really lucky the fold in both reissues I've had was not prominent at all!
  14. I also stuff my reissue and the fold went away so no problems with ripping!
  15. How about a bag shaper? If you place one inside ,maybe it can hold up the shape and the weak point of the fold would be gone...I guess..Anyway I still love the reissue .It would be my next for sure:smile: