Fold/crease in the flap of my single and double flap

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  1. Has anyone else experienced this with their bags? I have a jumbo and a maxi. Any tips for preventing and/or remedying this? I've attached an image for reference. See how the top of the bag is angled instead of rounded? ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391628076.723136.jpg
  2. this happens because of the weight from the's all about where you place and if you place weight on your bag :smile:
  3. I prevent this by carrying my jumbo on the crook of my arm as well as my gsts :smile:

  4. Thanks for replying! I thought it was because of the straps. Do you have a pic to show how you carry? Not sure what you mean by in the crook of your arm?
  5. 1 - That looks like a reissue. It might be a little swished from carrying but they are more shaped this way, not rounded like a CLassic Flap.

    2 - as others said just don't swish the bag under your arm while carrying.
  6. I wish I knew how to post pics :sad:
    crook of the arm is on your forearm (like one would carry a Louis Vuitton Alma)