Foggy Grey Alexa

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  1. Hi everyone! :biggrin:. I'm thinking about getting a foggy grey Alexa, but my concern is that I haven't seen this bag IRL. I'm a little concerned that it may be a bit 80's grey leather. (For those around it the 80's they'd remember how HUGE grey leather everything was!!). But in some modeling shots I've seen, it looks rather lovely.
    Can anyone who has seen this bag / owns one / has an opinion let me know what they think please??
  2. Ive never owned one as I dont like the shade of grey (too pale) and be careful buying sight unseen as a few of these were purple/lilac tinged and looked horrible in my humble opinion- they seemed to glow in the store!!
  3. Bethan, you've just given me horrible flashbacks to Plemont-world circa 1985 when my university wardrobe consisted of greygreygrey with the occasional flash of rather tasteless colour. Luckily there's very little photographic evidence of this (so glad there was no Facebook at the time!)

    Like Elvis says, foggy grey is 'buyer beware' but if you can get one that's the right grey for you (I quite like the purply ones) and doesn't give you 1980s flashbacks then it's rather lovely.
  4. I have seen the two types, the grey grey and the lilac grey and was surprised by how nice the lilacy one looked on the lady carrying it. It was quite unusual.
  5. hummm... 50 Shades.....:graucho:......but Plemont hun, what do you mean - I rather liked my new romantic/Siouxie Sioux/smatter of goth/Kate Bush look with the odd bit of Frankie........y'know, the jet black backcombed hair, nails to match, and of course the odd bit of fluoro, and grey, of course (I had a rather fetching grey dirndl skirt thank you very much!!)...what would we have done without it!!....:lol:...

    But back on topic.....Bethan - as the lovely ladies have said, Foggy really needs to be selected carefully for the right variant in shade before a final decision is of luck, hun :biggrin:
  6. Thanks all. What a dilemma!!! Buying online from os, so unable to see bag IRL beforehand, and also difficult and expensive to return (though possible). But such a good price...
  7. The foggy grey does look lovely on the Alexa. Think i would be tempted to take a chance and order and hope i like the shade, even if it is a bit costly to return it....
  8. I have one and I really do like it, it fits very well with my wardrobe and goes with about everything (just my opinion though!). Can you return it of you don't like?
  9. Thank you everyone. I'm still a little undecided. I have emailed the store to try to get some specifics.

    Does anyone have any modeling shots that they could share please?
  10. I have the foggy grey alexa and love mine, mines more grey though id say
  11. Is this colour fairly true sunblock??
  12. Mine look a bit darker than that...this is mine

  13. I've seen the foggy grey in the Bayswater and it was definitely a lilacy-grey. As other members have said, it can vary enormously; you may be able to get a sales assistant to describe the colours on offer and take a chance on the one that sounds the closest to what you want. A bit of a risk, but if the price is right I'd go for it (and you obviously love your Alexas!) :biggrin:
  14. That's a lovely shade! I'd buy that in a heartbeat!