Foggy Alexa

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  1. I would like some advice please on the foggy grey alexa.

    I purchased one which was described as pristine. It had a couple of marks on the bag which had been described to me. When the bag arrived it had a few marks I hadnt bargained for. A part of the leather was scuffed and it looks like somethung has been splilled on the front but then wiped clean.

    After looking for a replacement, it looks like they all suffer from the colour wearing off on the corners and general white patches on the bag itself.

    Is this a colour that I should avoid? is it delicate because i was thinking even if I found one in excellent condition, how long would it last.

    Thanks xx
  2. Hi, I have a foggy alexa and I haven't had any problems with the colour wearing off or with white patches. I don't use it as an every day bag but I do use it frequently x
  3. Be careful if you go for one..some were a lilac colour rather than grey which put a lot of people off
  4. Mine is deffo grey and looks a lot like the new it pavement...x
  5. I've used my Foggy Grey almost daily since getting it for Xmas and it's not been protected, and it's been caught in the rain a LOT since I'm in the UK! No patches, no fading and the gunmetal is still pristine as well despite reports of it supposedly flaking off on some bags. Mine is also a true grey, no lilac tones for me either. Had no issues at all.

  6. A foggy grey has made it into my collection. Im so pleased with her. Shes definitely more grey than lilac but I can see how some ended up like that.

    Ive given her a good dose of colinol along with the matching continental purse ive just purchased. Sounds like there not really that delicate after all.

    Thankyou for your advice. Im sure I saw someone mention there was a different way to wear the strap on here. Im on the hunt :smile:
  7. Ooh congratulations .....I would love the matching purse for mine ..*.shuffles off for a look for one *..... There is a way of doubling the strap , there is a post on here somewhere but don't know how you would find it or if you YouTube 'alexa strap' there is a video on there of how to double it over x x
  8. There was one on ebay. It was buy it now for £150 but I cant find it to share the link. It must have sold. Its a lovely purse if you manage to find one. Ill keep my eyes peeled for you.

    Ill have a look on you tube. I wonder if you just thread it through and have both your clips at one end? Shes tucked away in the wardrobe at the minute so I cant test it.
  9. I think you undo the buckle and thread it through, doubling it back somehow ( not the best description!) ...god luck x