Focus! I want this and I bought that!

  1. Do you find that you narrow down through the vast array of beautiful styles and colors to just exactly what you want, then you see something on eBay or available in the store that's different or a great deal, and you get that.
    But actually you still want the first thing that you decided on.
    So then you need both!
    What's your story?
  2. Yes, definitely. I first wanted a blueberry city. Couldn't find one I wanted, so I bought a cornflower (close to it in color) on eBay. Now I feel I can't justify a blueberry since it's so similar to blueberry. Then I wanted a rouille city, but bought a black city on eBay since the price was too great to pass up, and I justified it by saying that a black city is a classic I will use always. Now I STILL want my rouille. I guess I get sidetracked too. :confused1:
  3. Sounds way too familiar.

    It has happened to me with Balenciaga. There is just so much to want.

    Funny story. My DH and I went into Cartier when we were in Paris for the weekend. Went in to buy a new strap for my tank. Innocent enough. Well, after a browse around, and way too much Champagne that those lovely SA's force down your throat, we left with two new watches. A Cartier Roadster for DH and a large silver Tank pour moi!

    Oh yeah, and a new strap for my old Tank. They gave that to us for free.
  4. happened to me with my first balenciaga bag - I really wanted the rouille courier that was on ebay but forgot to bid anyways so Browns of London had a sale and so I bought a blueberry courier instead because it was such a good price £340 from £565 and I actually love the colour a lot more than I first thought so its ok plus its not like its gonna be my last balenciaga bag;)
  5. Siri, that's my kind of shopping! Darn those SAs with their offerings of Champagne and the lure of beautiful watches! Your DH is the best!
  6. Going back to Paris in February. I think DH is scared:wtf:

    Shopping intention is one BBag from the s/s 07 season. Wonder what I will come back with?

  7. i got my first bag off ebay, originally wanted rouge vif---got blueberry, then ordere rouille (love both the colors, still want red), had the option to buy percephonies makeup clutch, but didnt have the cash immediately.... SO the next bag was a gorgeous 05 grey purse (wanted rouge theatre, but the grey was AMAZING) now there is a rouge theatre day on ebay.... I should probably get it!
  8. I cant make up my mind... so I ended up getting all of it :nuts:
  9. Yes, this sounds like me. I've finally narrowed my want list down. However, I am currently thinking about buying something that's toward the bottom of my want list because it's available. So if I end up buying it, and one of the rarer colors that I've been saving up for shows up, I won't have the money to afford it. If I could only focus on 1 or 2 bags at a time it might do me some good!:yes:
  10. I've wanted a bordeaux for the longest time but there wasn't any on ebay so I settled for a grenat.. But ever since I saw a bordeaux IRL, it's been on my mind again.
  11. I wanted 05 rouge and ended up getting 05 bordeaux. But I can't get my mind of rouge so I am still looking for one in mint condition.
  12. I think all of us have done this before! I just bought a Truffle shoulder just because I wanted a shoulder but I really wanted a brighter color. I think I want to sell it now.:sad:
  13. I wanted a black First when I first started liking b-bags but ended up with a bordeaux First. Then I wanted a black City and ended up with a rouge vif City. :upsidedown:
  14. Great idea! :roflmfao:
  15. Yes, it all started with a Rouille Courier for me. I have been hooked after that. I always buy an alternative color to the one I really want, then I end up selling because I am still chasing down my dream colors. I think I'm nearly there though, I just need to be patient and sell a few bags in my closet that I bought before my colorful Bbag craze!