Focus Groups???

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  1. I read on another thread about doing focus groups for extra cash. Somebody mentioned i answered one on craigslist.

    it turned out to be a referral to some kind of Focus Group registry service (of course they want you to pay for a membership) so it was not actually for the advertised group. scam!!

    how do you find the "real" focus groups, and not be contacted by scammers. do they pay you when you participate?
  2. I participated in a focus group recently. I was approached at the movies, and was pre-screened to see if I qualified. They were looking for people with children of a certain age group. I then went to their offices one evening, heard about the movie, gave my opinions, and they paid $75 cash. They had a nice spread of food, and the whole thing took about 2 hours. I have also done this years ago....
    When I left, I gave them my info, and told them that I would be interested in doing it far I haven't heard from them.
  3. I've done focus groups for Irwin Research. You might want to check if they're in your area.
  4. I actually have found all my focus groups through Craig's List. Maybe you can see if you have Greenberg Studios or Focus Forward in your area, that's who usually contacts me.

    I found the groups in the "Etc." section of Craig's List. I usually get $100-150 for each group, and each session is usually 2 hours.
  5. I just came across another one that might be in your area: