Fob and tassle SCARE!

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  1. So I am currently wearing my Violet duffle and have accessorized her with a metallic tassle and the old skull and crossbones key fob. I stash them behind a strategically made "spot" in my office behind my all-in-one printer/fax/etc.
    So I go to grab her to head out for lunch and the tassle and skull are missing!!!!!!!!!! I went limp.
    Further fussing discovered them in the corner, but really, they both came off? Holy crapsticks, I had to run a lunch errand and held on to them the entire time to bag was over my shoulder.
    Not a good day.
    Then on top of that scare, a disappointment that Anna (Dragonfly) was not waiting for me today and will not arrive until Monday
  2. Sorry you had such a scare with your fob and tassle!! I love the color combo with the Violet! I thought I had lost my hang tags from my Elevated Kristin Tote. I luckily found them inside my bag in the pocket. I haven't put them back on because I am afraid to lose them.
    Congrats on the new Anna -- Can't wait to see pics!!!

    Lynne :biggrin: