Foal Watch --- Watch Me Grow!!!

  1. As most of the Animalicious PFers know, on August 19, 2007, we welcomed the latest addition to our family....

    Contessa Van Vleet.

    Here she is on her birthday....


    She has been a very busy little horse since then....

    She has moved to our house, which included a little debacle which required her to have three stitches in her knee...

    She has learned how to wear a halter...

    She knocked out my friends temporary crown....

    She learned how to be led on a lead rope (only about 10 paces....)

    She got her stitches out..

    She learned how to eat solid food (but loves mom the best!!)

    She began to lose her baby fur and her new sleek dark hair began to grow in (which is why she looks so mildewey, LOL....

    So, here she is....
    Contessa at 7 weeks!!!






    Thanks to all of you for the good wishes for Willa during her late pregnancy, and for waiting with me for Contessa to arrive. I will post some of her halter lessons, and her antics with her new goat friends soon!!!
    tessa headshot 7 weeks.JPG Tessa1  7 weeks.JPG tessa2 7 weeks.JPG willa tessa 7 weeks.jpg
  2. This post brought back some really good memories. I can't wait for the halter photos..
  3. She's a beauty!
  4. thank you!!! She looks so funny with her "molting" coat....

    But its amazing how fast she has grown!!! She is so high up on wllas shoulder, and just a few weeks ago, she could walk right under her!!!
  5. She's a stunning girl...just like her mama. :heart:
  6. Oh No-knocked out the crown!?!? Why are foals so naughty? Shes a beauty though, congratulations!
  7. Awwwwwwwwwwwww :love: She's adorable :love:
  8. Oh she´s just beautiful!! Her mama is one stunning horse CB!
  9. Your little Contessa is a beauty!:heart::smile:
  10. Remember her? She is almost three!!!

    Thats her on the left, with her mom.....

    She is really awesome, so sweet, I am so glad we did the imprinting. She is super mellow, and just a lovely horse. Unfortunatly she has some problems with her hip after a slip in the mud last winter, but at the moment she is trotting our really good most days. Living a life of relaxed leisure in the country. She is nearly as tall as her mom, who is 17h. she grew up so fast!!! :heart:

    DD is starting her bit by but, and she is as smart as they come!

  11. LOL....they are in a temporary paddock during the day, it looks pretty shabby, but they are on the payroll as lawnmowers at the moment :lolots:

    sorry these are phone pictures....

  12. Thanks for the update.

    She grew up beautiful, just like her mama.:biggrin:
  13. better late than never !! thank you bag-mania!! :heart:
  14. How lovely CobaltBlue. This is the first time I've seen this tread, so it was nice seeing your Contessa grow... and GROW. A beautiful girl.