Foal Watch -- new due date and pics

  1. Well, we are all waiting a little longer than we thought!

    DH thought he remembered the AI was later than we originally thought, so we all checked and double checked, and the vet confirmed, DH is right.....

    Our new due date is September 8!!

    We didnt dare tell Willa. I honestly think she is just enormous as it is....

    Here are some pictures taken this Saturday. Between Friday and Saturday, her belly dropped significantly.



    Willa has a myspace now...
    There is a little video there to. DD will add more photos as we get them.

    Thanks again for all the good wishes for Willa to have a save and serene delivery of her first baby!

  2. I'll keep the good thoughts flowing! Poor girl probably's better off not knowing she has another month to go! She's a gorgeous momma to be though :smile:
  3. She's a beauty! Best wishes for Willa!
  4. aww hooray!!! can't wait to see the baby! :smile:
  5. Yes, I agree your Willa is a very beautiful Mama-to-be! :yes: Sending lots of love and well wishes for Willa, baby, you & your family! Please keep us posted!
  6. Awww, Willa looks so happy :nuts: She's beautiful :heart: Can't wait for more udpates on how she's doing!
  7. What a pretty momma! Can't wait for that sweet foal to arrive!
  8. Yup she is definitely almost ready!

    My aunt bred her mare a few years ago, and it was so exciting (and frustrating! LOL) waiting for the baby!
  9. How exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mine are all geldings...eck!
  10. ^LOL I have a gelding as well...I love him though. He never gets hormonal like some of my aunt's mares do :smile:
  11. CB, you might think I'm a little goofy, but I just couldn't help noticing this: (please accept my apologies , if a little off topic)
    0bd6_1[1].jpg run%20willa%20run[1].jpg
  12. ^^^OMG!!!!!!! Thats not goofy!!!!!!! Thats....SCARFIE!!!!!
  13. aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwww -- i just want to reach right through my screen and pat that belly!!!!
  14. Omg Willa is a stunning horse. Luck with delivery CB!!