Foal Watch!!!! It's Here!!!

  1. Well, Willa did not get the memo about the revised due date!!!

    Her original due date was August 20, revised to September 8...

    On Sunday night, we got a call at 5:30---"Your mare is about to foal!! Come over, I gotta run"


    We threw some things in the car, and set out on the two and a half hour drive to the barn. At the gas station, FIFTEEN MINUTES LATER, I called to find out how our dear sweet girl was progressing....

    "The foal is on the ground. Get over here!!"

  2. Well, we finally got there....

    And look what we saw!!!!



    This is Willa with her beautiful filly, who has no name yet :sad:!!!

    The delivery was textbook perfect, and the little darling was up and nursing within a half hour. Mom is protective, but not overly so..... she is calm and relaxed around her "people."

    We were up until 2AM doing the "imprinting"--acquainting the foal with human touch....and so on.

    Then, we crashed in the feedroom.
    web2 hours old.jpg web2 hours old2.jpg
  3. [​IMG]

    The The next morning (Monday) we woke up, and helped mom and baby stretch out in the arena.

    This lovely little fillly is amazing. Here she is, at roughly 12 hours old...



    We have lots of pictures and video, which we will upload on Willas myspace. I will make a blog for them later, too.

    We had to come home tonight, and will not be able to go see our girls until Saturday. But they are in good hands.

    I am so thrilled that this went so well for Willa, she did not even break a sweat. She is a little bit of a princess, and would not lie down to give birth until all the straw was spread to her liking....she is VERY fussy about bedding.

    By the time the straw was finally satisfactory, two feet and a nose were already showing!!

    I want to thank all the lovely PFers who sent their good wishes to this very special mare, and who wrote me personally as well. Thank you so much!! :heart:
    web12 hours old.jpg web12 hours old2.jpg web12 hours old3.jpg
  4. Oh my goodness, how incredible are they? The foal looks like a mirror image of her gorgeous mummy. Congratulations, I am so pleased that everything went so well.:smile::tup:
  5. Oh that is soooo cute! How GORGEOUS are they!

  6. Just beautiful. A big congrats to Willa. I am in awe of your pictures.
  7. omg yaaaay! baby horses are so adorable, they're all legs! congrats, what a beautiful filly!
  8. OMG!!! Such beauty. I love Mommy's tongue cleaning her baby. I love the white patch both Mom and baby have.
  9. She's beautiful!!
  10. THAT is hillarious!

    i'm so happy for you . . . perhaps this is a good reason to try your hand at a horse painting? :graucho:

    ETA: i forgot to ask -- do you have any breed naming conventions, or are you free to pick any name you like?
  11. So cute! Congrats!
  12. Oh, she's so beautiful, and the spitting image of mama! Congrats!
  13. What a joy! I don't anything about horses or their babies so your pictures were a real pleasure to see.

    Congratulations on your new addition to your family!!!
  14. Awww! Congratulations! Both mama and baby are beautiful! Thanks so much for posting pictures.
  15. Awww, She is beautiful! Your pictures are amazing too.