Foal Watch - Four weeks to go!!

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  1. Knowing the power of the PF, I though it would be nice for my beautiful mare Willa to have your good wishes as she spends the last four weeks of her LONG pregancy.

    She is due August 20!

    Here she is, pre pregnancy...



    Here she is, two weeks ago. she just came in from the rain.... not a great pic, but you can see her big belly!


    And getting a little cranky as her time is near!!


    This is her firsts foal, and ours. We are getting a little nervous. She is about two hours away, at a barn with a vet in residence, which we thought was best. We will be "on call" and use a foal predictor kit as the time grows nearer, that will give us 24-48 hours notice.

    Here, by the way, is dad...:heart::heart:
    It was a 'long distance relationship...":graucho:

    run willa run.jpg PrettyGirl one.jpg PrettyGirl2.jpg MustBeLove.jpg
  2. How exciting! I can't wait to see the pics of your new foal!

    Is Willa a Swedish Warmblood too? I can't see pics of dad.

    LOL at the cranky picture. Her neighbor doesn't looked too phased by it though.
  3. Yes, she is too! She is usually so sweet but right now she is crabby at the geldings!
  4. She is absolutely gorgeous! Foaling time is so exciting, I'm sure you'll both do just fine. Good luck and congratulations to you and Willa!

    I love the picture of her and her neighbor. He's like: :rolleyes: women!
  5. Miss Scarlet, I dunno nuthin bout birthin no babies! However, I am glad to send easy L&D vibes to the mom to be! She is soo pretty!! I still am a little miffed that I never got that pony for my 8th bday....
  6. OOOOOOOOOOOOOO I'm so so so so excited!!! How old is your mare????? I can't wait to see pics of the babe!
  7. Voodoo, she is 14! She is 17hh, BTW. Poor thing can barely get herself down to lay down, she is just so huge!
  8. She's BEAUTIFUL! May her delivery be quick and everyone involved healthy. For those of us that know very little about horses, what is the normal gestation?
  9. WOW she's a tallllll girl! haha I'm sure she'll do fine...poor girl ... no wonder she's moody haha And she's beautiful!
  10. OH MY!! She's gorgeous!!!

    I can't see pics of Dad either :sad:
    Can't wait to hear the good news and see photos!
    There's nothing like a newborn!
  11. Best wishes!
  12. Thank you for your kind wishies!! Gestation is about 11 months, rothjess!!! Where did the time go????
  13. Here is dad, for those who could not see how handsome he is!! :heart:

    handsome man.jpg
  14. ^ Wow, he is stunning! That's going to be one good looking baby!
  15. thank you!!! I hope mom is going to be OK!!! I worry about her. She is so special......:love:
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