"Foach" or Coach...PLEASE HELP!

  1. Hello there....I got this cute pink tote as a gift but I;m not quite sure if it is authentic or not. (I don't want to be rude and ask the person that got it for me.)
    I don't have actual pictures of the bag on hand but I attached pictures of one that is similar that I found on eBay.

    The tote I have is blush in color, not this bright pink. And where in the picture it shows white-my bag has camel brown. There is a serial number inside the bag on a leather tag.

    Thanks for your help!
    tote.jpg tote2.jpg
  2. Please ask in the "authenticate this" thread
  3. ok...thanks!
  4. its real though... its like a darker pink? i saw it at the outlets
  5. looks authentic to me
  6. Yeah, I'm a bit embarrassed.....
    I looked a little closer and found a tag on the inside of the bag that reads: "Made in China"

    Can you believe this garbage!!!!
  7. Coach bags are now made in China, so it can still be authentic. Can you read the creed number (the number on the leather patch inside the bag) and post it in the Authenticate This thread?

    I looks real to me from the handle design and handle protectors but you may want other opinions....

    Good luck!
  8. uh yeah coach bags are made in china now along with other parts of the world. where its made has no indication of whether its fake or not
  9. Although I am not one to buy fakes of any type, I still think the gesture was nice and thoughtful that your friend even got you one. What a nice friend you have to want to buy you something nice.

    FWIW, it looks authentic to me.
  10. I think we would need pics of your actual bag to tell for sure - having pics of a bag that is similar won't really help give you a definite answer.
  11. Most bags are made in china