1. im flying from minneapolis to atlanta to ft. laudedale. anyone have any problems in those places? with luggage etc.
  2. Hi Travis, I just went thru Ft L. and had no problems just make sure you check all liquids including lip gloss and the perfume vials. I checked everything but my fringe speedy.
  3. within the US you should have minimum problems.
  4. My mother just flew from Chicago IL to Oregon and the only thing she had problems with was that she forgot to take out her lighter and my lil brother's axe deoderant spray. Both were confiscated and thrown out. Other than that they didnt have any issues.
  5. Is eye shadow (powder a problem?) and what about lip liner...or lipstick in a compact? The TSA website has said it depends on the inspector?
  6. thank you guys!
  7. Make sure you allow for extra time with the security checks just in case the lines are super long.