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  1. Does anyone here fly small planes recreationally? I had my first lesson two days ago and it was the most amazing experience ever. I definitely want to pick it up as a hobby if/when I can afford to. The training is quite extensive though, which I guess makes sense. Anyone else into this?
  2. Ack! I'm too terrified to even get in one of those small planes :sad:

    It's great that you're enjoying your lessons, though! One of my exboyfriends had his pilot's license and offered to fly me to places, but I was always too chicken to even get in the plane!
  3. Oh you should try it. I thought I would be nervous up there, but it wasn't nearly as scary as I thought. I'm not usually the risk-taker type, but it was seriously the most amazing feeling ever. I only had an introductory lesson so far...I don't think I have the time of money right now to invest in fully going for my license. But I can't wait to do it!
  4. I don't but that sounds like so much fun! I've done sky diving... of course, not the same thing. But I love heights!

    How much are the lessons if you don't mind me asking?
  5. ^ the initial introductory lesson I had was something like $65 I believe (in Canadian dollars). They gave me an estimate of what it would cost to complete all the lessons needed to get my private pilot license. It was $8300ish to get the license needed to fly a Cessna 150, and $9200ish to fly a Cessna 172M of Piper Warrior. They said that was the minimum price though; a lot of people end up taking more lessons than the bare minimum.

    I highly recommend you try it! I also really love heights. I would love to try sky diving as well.
  6. Yes! My dad gave me flying lessons and ground school for Christmas. I did my solo flight in May and am licensed for single engine. I want to get my instrument rating now.
  7. <----sorry, im scared just flying afraid of heights too !!
  8. For me personally I just don't see the attraction. Maybe it's my job, I'm in the UK Air Force and to me an aeroplane gets me to where I need/want to go a bit like a bus or a train. I've never wanted to be a bus or a train driver either :shrugs:

    Really pleased you're enjoying yourself and hope you get to go further with this new found obsession.
  9. Yeah I guess that makes sense...I probably wouldn't have enjoyed it as much if it was something I did often and was accustomed. But the whole flying thing is a whole new experience for me as I had never done it before. I absolutely loved the idea of being in complete control of something that can fly...very liberating feeling. Thanks for the well wishes!
  10. Yes, one of my brothers is on his way to being a commercial pilot...he's flown small aircraft for years and is now moving onto multiple engine training/testing!!
  11. I used to. I got really close to getting my license, up to the point where I really just needed a couple more hours of solo cross country time and I'd have it. But I ended up moving and the stress of my new career coupled with not having any money sort of put an end to my flying. I also sort of burnt out on it.

    Have fun doing it! I'm glad I had the experience even though I never got my license.

    oh, and I knew a commercial pilot who was afraid of heights. It's not something the necessarily precludes you from enjoying flying because he loved it!
  12. this sounds like so much fun, if I had the time and money I'd like to fly too.
  13. Yes, I am a commercial pilot.. got all my licenses from San Diego, CA and am currently flying for an airline in India.. Let me tell u people.. its a thrill.. i enjoy every minute of it !!