Flying with my Cerf

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  1. Hello everyone. I will be going to Las Vegas for 5 days at the end of February and I was going to bring my new small cerf as either my handbag or carry-on. I really don't want to check any luggage since I have had my luggage "lost" three times already - went on the wrong place once, was also flagged & detained twice (Guards played with my makeup).

    So here are my questions:
    1. When going through the security gate, do you have your cerf in another bag so it won't get dirty or germy from the plastic bins?
    2. Honestly, will it actually fit underneath the airline seat without creasing or damage (Aisle seats are the worst - it seems like you can only fit two lunch boxes under there)? And again, do you place it in another bag?

    Help appreciated! Let me baby my baby :smile:
  2. I always carry a dustbag or similar to put my luxury bags in whenever I travel. Have heard way too many horror stories here to take any chances.
  3. caviar is pretty tough, what color is ur cerf? if it's dark, then i wouldn't worry too much about placing it in the bin. I have a white cerf, and carried the dust bag as mat to place in security bins on my recent travel :flowers:
  4. My cerf is black deerskin with Mademoiselle clasp. How do you like your white Cerf? I remember loving it - but it had quickly sold out.
  5. white cerf is great, i use it more often than white GST lol. it dosen't shout "look at me, I'm a Chanel', goes great w/casual clothing and holds a ton. I did treat the caviar with apple guard since i wear jeans most of time.
  6. i used to put my luxury bags inside a large longchamp bag when i travel. now i just carry a big pillowcase with my bag and whip it out when i need to go through security or when i need to put my bag on the floor during take off and landing - it fits easily into my bags and i do not stress too much about it getting dirty. plus, i don't care which way the bag ends up going through the xray machine as it pretty much covers the whole bag!