Flying with handbags, how do you pack?

  1. I would like to use my new HH Nomade as my carry-on, but I would also like to bring my Coach Carly to carry while I'm on vacation. I don't feel safe putting my Carly in a checked bag. I could talk my 14 y.o. daughter into carrying Carly for me. She may take a backpack and not want to carry the extra bag. What do you do with extra handbags you take along?

    This is not purse related, but what do you do with your make-up? I have a train case of Bare Escentuals that I want to take. All this make-up is worth at least $500. If I don't check it, I'll have to make my kids carry the qt. size zip lock bag full of make-up. My son will feel like a real dork. Any thoughts?
  2. As hard as it is, I try to only take one bag with me because I am scared of the airlines losing my luggage and thus, my other bags. Keep in mind that they will only reimburse you for clothes (I'm not so sure about purses). Always better to be safe than sorry. If you have to bring more than one, put them in your carry-on.

    As for makeup, I put mine in a Gucci soft beauty case that I check in. It wasn't super expensive, so I wouldn't feel too bad if the airlines lost it.
  3. I'm not comfortable putting my bags in my checked luggage, for fear that they will be lost or stolen. I usually carry on a large tote with a smaller bag inside. That way, I have 2 bag choices - a large tote and a smaller bag for going out.

    You only have to put liquids in the clear pouches, so your Bare Minerals makeup is fine since it's a powder.
  4. Girllll!!! You've got to have a "travel makeup" routine, and do away with $500 worth of makeup...and the size bag it entails. Either that or check it. You've got to simplify and pare down.

    And purses -- well, traveling is about paring down. So you really shouldn't think in terms of having two carry ons, or a bag to use later. I travel with a hands free Gucci messenger, and then I pack a LV pochette to use as a clutch. That's it. I leave my handbag wardrobe at home. Travel is about ease.
  5. I put my nice bag in a larger bag as a carry on and that makes it easy. My larger bag is a sizeable laptop luggage bag. I only take one nice bag with me when I travel. I plan my wardrobe around that one bag.

  6. I only take 1-2 bags per trip regardless of length: a day bag and an evening bag/wristlet. Is there anyway you can fit your stuff into a carryon bag? If I don't have my small bag in my day bag, I'll put it in my carry on bag. Just make sure not to burry it too far in case yo need to gate check it for some reason (i.e., the overhead bins fill up).

    As for makeup, can you remove products from the trunk? If so I would just pick out enough for 1 or 2 day looks and an evening look and pack them into a small make up bag. I bought a nylon one at Target for something like $5 for my makeup. I also put my non-liquid toiletries like tooth brushes in there. (It has two pockets.)

    If this won't work for you I would give your children the family toiletries like toothpaste so you don't embarrass them.

    Honestly, I don't mean this to sound mean, I wouldn't travel with a makeup trunk unless you are a makeup artist and need it for a photo shoot. When you travel you have to learn how to par down. I generally pick a few tops and bottoms in color pallets that coordinate together so I can mix and match many looks. Then I choose the bag that will best go with those pieces. I can generally go almost anywhere with only a carry on bag.

    I travel a lot of work so feel free to let me know if you need any tips.
  7. Unless I can fit my good bag(s) in a carry-on, I don't take them. Unfortunately, my rule is don't pack in luggage anything you don't want to lose. Last summer my husband had a watch stolen out of his luggage, and my luggage had been been gone through, everything opened, etc. It was an International trip, but I still adhere to that rule whenever I travel anywhere.
    I've pared down my cosmetics and keep paring down every trip--only packing absolutely must haves in my zip lock baggie, the rest goes in my luggage.
  8. definitely agree! :yes: i bring the minimal amount of makeup to accomplish day and night looks. and i only bring 2-3 bags at most, depending on how long the trip is. i bring my lv pochette as well for night use, and a basic leather bag or longchamp tote for day. always be prepared for luggage getting lost!!
  9. Any and all expensive bags should be handcarried, no matter what. If you happen to be toting a cheaper bag along that you don't really care if it got stolen, then by all means check it in.

    Like the others have said, makeup needs to be scaled down. It depends on the length of your trip - if you're going for 6 months or more, then maybe the trunk makes sense; if it's just a short week or something then you don't need that many colors.

    Also, do you know your trip itinery? It helps with the packing. When I know I might hit the clubs while travelling, I pack a small pochette or wristlet and two different eyeshadow colors. If you are certain that with kids you are not going to be hitting nightlife, then you may be able to do away with an evening pochette and night makeup.
  10. I typically carry on a large tote with room to pack at least one medium-sized handbag and one small clutch inside it (and still have room for the more usual carry-on essentals).

    My Be & D O'Keeffe works really well for this not only for its size but also because the (black) leather is so not likely to get damaged, and I can get it into an overhead or under the seat without totally freaking out from worry that it's getting ruined.

    I'd never check any of my bags in luggage... Just put a clutch in a handbag in a tote and carry it on. ;)
  11. I told my sister to put all my handbags with her carryon luggage on her flight back to hong kong.. I heard about these lost checked in baggages before.. She said... "WHAT?!?!?! I'm going to carry all your delivered handbags from our place?!?!?!" LOL...
  12. Thanks for the great advice. I think I'll take in my checked bag my small, black, nylon, Ralph Lauren bag for any evening outings. It was cheap and I don't care if it gets lost, but it still looks good. I'm only going to go out with my old girlfriends without kids a few times.

    I'm not trying to act like a make-up artist (lol), it's a really small train case. It makes seeing all the little jars so easy. There is a bunch of stuff I could leave behind and just put everything in a make-up bag. My train case is nothing next to a bunch of the addicts at BE Addicts.

    Now, if I buy any new handbags while I'm on vacation...I'll have to re-think my plan. :wondering
  13. I always carry my bags in my carry on luggage. Sometimes I bring up to 5 bags, so I'm really worried about it getting lost. I usually check my make-up b/c of the new restrictions.
  14. I have several rules I follow since air travel became such a PITA... If it's consumable (toothpaste, mouthwash, hairspray, shampoo, etc) I can buy it wherever I'm going. Only take 2 handbags, a big one and a small one, and be sure they can be taken on board in my carry-on. If I happen to buy one while I'm there it gets mailed back home, insured of course. If you're staying anywhere longer than a week, I'd say consider sending your pricier items on ahead of you. Most hotels will accept packages for you if you time it correctly.
  15. I put my leather handbags in its dustbag and pack it in my carry-on together with a few sets of light clothing in case of delays or whatever. Those Longchamp totes are awesome to use while you're in transit cause they are so light and you can practically throw them around. Or for shorter trips, I stash my handbag in the Longchamp tote just for added protection.