"Flying Under the Radar" great handbags...

  1. I was just on another post, and maybe this has been done before, but the subject came up about great quality handbags that you just don't really see anywhere, but that you would like to see more of. On my list is Cromia.....made in Italy. I have one bag that is beautiful, but pretty dressy. Anyone else out there?

  2. Passerby.......which designer from Canada would that be? And, my Hype went to my best girlfriend who needed a bag for a job interview. It has had a lot of love. :heart: :heart:
  3. Yeah! Great looking!!! I'd have one! Going on a cruise in under 2 weeks, and I was looking for a clutch in white, and I would love that in white. I bought something else a few weeks ago.
  4. Hope you'll have a great time on the cruise! So what clutch did you buy?
  5. Just a little no-name bag that is already packed away, so that I can't see the name.....it was $20, and I just needed something to throw lipstick and a sea-pass in. But, it was plain, and white....it might have been a Mundi. That would be my first clutch, as I am prone to leaving things behind, I need a bag that is attached to me. :yes:
  6. Desmo bags are great bags.....can't find them in the brick and mortar stores.....except for TJ and Marshall
  7. So cute !
  8. kinda cool

    did i hear cruise? i love cruises....
  9. yeah, photo......can't believe it will be our first cruise ever, but we leave on the 14th of this month for 7 days. The best thing is that the port in Tampa is only 1 and 1/2 hours from our house. I wasn't really thinking about the type of clothing to pack, but I was obsessing about what handbag to take! So, I got a cheap white hobo bag (in case it gets dirty) and a cheap clutch (in case I lose it). :yahoo:
  10. Okay, so here is another really great bag find. The bag is by Madi Pelletteria, made in Italy. I found it in a small boutique here in south Florida. I wish I could make all of you feel the leather, which was Napa. The color of the bag, which was a hobo style, was the most gorgeous persimmon drop dead red you would ever want to see. The bag was $250 more or less. I swear that bag was softer than the pillow on my bed. Now, I did a Yahoo and Google search, and I could not find that brand anywhere. I would have broken my purse ban for that one! So, has anyone heard of that one????
  11. Great idea, Compass Rose, to start this new thread! I'll be keeping my eye out for "under the radar" bags to share with you all. Desmo is the one I mentioned from my other thread. Have a great cruise. By the way, I always take my good handbags when I travel. Life is short, and I want to be stylish. I don't like looking at stylish women when my style is locked away at home. My Mother kept her Tiffany sterling silver locked away her whole life. When I inherited it, I made the commitment to use it as my everyday silver. And I do. And I love it every day. So, take your good handbags. If it gets dirty -- well then, gee, you'll just have to buy something new...! Aww, that's a terrible concept...!
  12. Check the website: http://www.pelletteriamadi.com/ . It is currently under construction, so keep checking back. Also, for Desmo initiates: www.desmo.it.
    Let's be style setters instead of followers and keep up with these fabulous, small companies.:yes: