Flying tomorrow!!!!!!!!

  1. Hi ladies,
    Well tomorrow my dad, my little brother and I are flying to Rockville, Maryland! Then we are going to Washington DC, and New York baby!:yahoo: :yahoo: However, my mommy can't make it! So I am pretty sad but at the same excited! I only been in a plane once, this will be my second time. Since I can not take my laptop, I won't be able to "see" you guys until next wednesday! I will miss you guys, and this forum wayyy too much! Take care ladies.
    Tell me where to shop!
  2. Vlad and I will be in NYC while you are here!!!!! :yahoo: Feel free to call me up anytime!!

    You can't go wrong with NYC anywhere really.. always shops!! SoHo is amazing shopping IMO!!!
  3. Wow, you will be in my neck of the woods!!!!! I live in Maryland and work in Washington. Have a lovely time with your family....
  4. In DC, Mazza Galleria is fun... there is a Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Louis Vuitton all in Chevy Chase! And Tysons Corner is fun too. ENJOY your trip!
  5. Are you serious Megs!!??? Oh my gosh!! Yeah we leave tomorrow from LAX, and come back on the 16th! Oh my gosh it would be awesome to meet you guys! Oh my gosh!
  6. Thank you Michele, you are so sweet!!!! Michele, it is not far right, from Maryland to Washington?
  7. Writing all this down!!!!! Seriously when the credit card bills comes home, I will be in sooo much trouble!!!!!!