Flying to see love ones during the holidays? Leave the LV luggage at home.

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  1. Hi guys! A lot of us are prolly hopping on planes to see family at this time of year and I thought I would share a link from an article on called "Confessions of a Baggage Handler".;_ylc=X3oDMTFrZTFhN3F0BF9TAzI3MTYxNDkEX3MDMjcxOTQ4MQRwb3MDMQRzZWMDZnAtdG9kYXltb2QEc2xrA2JhZ3M-

    Hope this works! I take at least one of my LV purses where ever I travel to, sometimes I pack a couple more for variety. After reading this article, I know I'll only carry on my luggage or use a different, non-designer brand if I'm checking it in.

    Happy Holidays to you all! Have safe & happy travels!!!
  2. I didn't see anything surprising, he seemed like one of the more honest handlers. I've read other articles where handlers purposely hold a bag off a plane so they can go thru it later...
  3. Thanks for sharing...
    I actually packed my 2nd LV in my larger carry on...all too frequently I find notices in my checked baggage that security has been through them and going into Canada I actually had something stolen!
  4. I always try to travel light! Checking in bags is such a pain. Also, if you pack less, you can shop more and pack them in your carry-ons!
  5. I don't know many people who actually use LV luggage except for celebrities who have private planes, for this reason! As gorgeous as those trunks are, I think you're just asking for someone to pick through your goodies.
  6. I always use my LV luggage, and I'm cabin crew.
    I think the big difference is that, passengers' luggage goes into a different place than where staff's luggage goes.
  7. This guy seemed pretty honest by comparison. I have heard some horror stories of baggage handlers opening up luggage and helping themselves to the items inside.
  8. With all the horror stories I've heard, I'd rather FedEx my stuff than check it. I usually get my luggage from Target. Once I did check my bag because I wasn't afraid of anything getting stolen (it was full of equipment for my job, not clothing), but it came back SO FILTHY. I have permanent black stains on the khaki nylon!
  9. Thanks for the post.
    THe only LV stuff I carry when I travel, is that which sits on my lap !!
  10. I always thought a person would have to be strong and physically fit to load all the bags that fit on a plane. This person confirmed that! That is a seriously strenuous job.

    But I think I pretty much already knew what he had to say. He did have a nice writing style that made it fun to read.
  11. ^^^Yeah, I liked his writing style, too. And I never thought about how demanding that job would be. I assumed that baggage handlers would be able to treat luggage with some care but after knowing some of the conditions that they work in, I now understand that we shouldn't expect our checked items to be handled quite so "delicately". I'm glad I got this info before I learned it the hard way.
  12. At least he's honest. Its not like I ever trusted airport personnel in the first place anyways but I don't understand why people will spend that much on luggage to only have it tossed around and get scruffed up. Yeah celebrities and private planes I get but if your not on a private plane I wouldn't recommend it unless its a carry on. My luggage always gets beat up and for that reason I stick to not designer but good durable quality dark luggage. I have a weakness for trunks. I don't get why people will carry white luggage either!!!

    Leave the LV for your purses.

    Plus if someone was going to steal your luggage or look through it wouldn't you think the LV would be more tempting?

    P.S. you seriously must be a low life scumbag if you have to steal people's belongings! That's happened to me and it really pisses me off!!!