Flying the Friendly Sky's tomorrow!

  1. OK guys, it's time for Shopmom to start PACKING! Tomorrow we're off bright and early for the Big Apple (five....count 'em FIVE floors of Hermes waits for me!!!!!!) and then bella Italia! Since I can't stay away from my friends here for too long, I'll be back and forth today but starting tomorrow I'll be out of touch unless I can find an internet cafe.

    So......I know I'll come back to find multiple installments of Captain Jacques (Gina, get cracking baby!), more chapters in the saga of the Crazed Craftsman 22A, Kristie with her brand new Himalaya, and TONS of Hermes items bought by most you guys! Just leave a few things for me in San Fran....because except for NYC, Shopmom will be in a vast Hermes wasteland for two weeks and I'll need a quick fix when I get back!!!!!!

  2. have fun.. be safe, and enjoy shopping!!!!!!!!!
  3. have fun, shopmom! report back as soon as you can!
  4. DQ......we'll be drinking Martini's and Cosmopolitan's before ya know it!!!! Gin Martini in a LARGE martini glass with three olives for S'mom! Yes siree!!!
  5. Productive shopping.

    And just keep in mind - no Hermes doesn't mean no shopping. Italy has such wonderful things that don't need a designer label because they're so inherently well-made anyway. The gloves, the shoes, the cashmere, the cotton shirts......
  6. for once in my life i'm looking forward to a monday! :lol: no martini, though -- i'm a whiskey girl, myself.
  7. :yahoo: Bon Voyage D!!! Have a wonderful time and check in when you can cause we'll miss you lots!!!! Can't wait to hear all about your trip! :flowers:
  8. Shopmom, have a safe & fabulous trip!!! Have fun at all 5 floors of Hermes! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  9. have a safe trip shopmom!
  10. Have a great time shopmom!
  11. Buon viaggio D.!!!! I've just checked "Le Monde", there doesn't seem to be a H in Verona, but there's one in Padova, one in Venice and one in Parma which I think are the nearest towns, so you could take a short train trip there, if you don't know what to do with yourself....:wlae: Take care and keep in touch, if you can!
  12. Have an amazing trip!
  13. Don't worry Shopmom, I'll bring my laptop so you can log on to your freinds here and say hello! Can't wait to meet "The Misterious Shopmom"

    Have a safe flight!!
  14. Have fun Shopmom. Actually, if you look up the definition of "Fun" in the dictionary you'll see the following "Shopmom, Baggaholic and 5 floors of Hermes"....