Flying off to Hermes, wish me luck!

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    Well, its just so lonely here without Princess B (and DD is away), so DH and I are bugging out!

    Off to Honolulu for the long weekend!!
    TWO H boutiques!!!

    I honestly dont know what I will bring home!! Especially with DH in tow. This honestly could go either way...his Hermes tolerance is still not up to desired levels.

    I wont have my laptop, so I will check in Tuesday!
    Have a great weekend everybody!
  2. Have a wonderful time CB!! Good luck at H. Hope you get some goodies.
  3. Hope you had a great weekend!!! Did DH sit back and allow you to get what you wanted at H? Will you post photos?? WHAT DID YOU GET????? :p;):nuts::smile:
  4. Have a safe and fruitful trip!!! Go CB!!
  5. ^^^Good Luck and HAVE A GREAT TIME!!:yes::heart:
  6. Have fun!
  7. Wow! Good luck and happy shopping.:tup:
  8. CB, have a GREAT time!!!!!!!
  9. CB, have a fabulous time! Wishing you lots of orange goodies!
  10. have a safe and fun trip:smile:
  11. exciting :nuts: I hope you have a wonderful time and I can't wait to see what you come home with!!
  12. CobaltBlu--Have a great trip...Enjoy shopping for your H
    goodies. :smile:
  13. :yahoo:Have fun CB!!!!
  14. Wow cb , have the most fantastic weekend, enjoy the sunshine,

    dont forget to let us know what you got up too
  15. Have a great time CB! Looking forward to the report!